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We looked at Serif PagePlus some time ago in the &Else department, then we tested some of its typography skills, then George gave us a great review of the product. Now, let's see if it can draw!

Creating a Logo Using Serif's PagePlus X3

By Dale Cook, Serif

PagePlus X3 Publisher Professional, the most recent version of Serif's award-winning desktop publishing application, is an easy way for design enthusiasts and businesses alike to create vibrant, high-quality brochures, newsletters and other printed media. As a powerful desktop publisher, at its heart PagePlus X3 handles high-end text and sports a wide range of drawing and graphics tools to enable users to unleash their creativity. Learning to maneuver this rounded document designer, however, is light work.

Combining text and graphic capabilities, the PagePlus X3 Logo Studio makes it easy to produce logos and taglines either from scratch, from imported artwork, or by using one of the more than 400 template designs. The Logo Studio adds quick preset options for instant results, on-screen guidance for novices and allows one to work on a design in uncluttered isolation from other elements of the page layout.

To insert a logo based on a ready-made template:
1. Click the Insert Logo button on the Tools toolbar at the left.
2. Select a ready-made logo design from the choices available and then choose one of the design variants with text from the choices at the right.
3. Choose a color scheme from the option at the top-right of the window and click Open.
4. Enter a company name or tagline, deleting the Motto text if desired, then click OK.

designing a logo

The customized logo is inserted straight into your page layout. It is possible to further customize the textual and graphic elements of a logo by opening it in the Logo Studio:

1. With the logo selected, click the Edit in Logo Studio button at its lower right.

There is now an impressive range of simple-to-use tools available to embellish and enhance graphics and text, without requiring previous design experience.

To enhance the look of the text: 1. With the logo selected, click the Edit in Logo Studio button at its lower right.
2. Click on the text to enter text-editing mode, then click on its grey border to select the object.
3. Select the Materials option from the 'Apply an Effect' section of the 'How To...' panel at the left of the screen. PagePlus will display and highlight the effects presets over in the Studio at the right of the screen - click the previews to try different styles to your text. (Here, we've scrolled down to the Glass category and used Glass 01).
4. Select the Font tab in the Studio at the right. Choose a heavier font for your text.
5. Click the Close Logo Studio button at the top left to return the logo to your main page view.

The 'How To...' guides at the left of the PagePlus X3 (See interface screen) and Logo Studio windows offer more instant results and style settings, plus useful learning materials to achieve whatever results you need, while the Studio panes at the left offer great ready-to-use content you can access with a single click. (See: PagePlus interface screen)

Lots of choices

Through the combination of high-end text handling and powerful graphics tools, Logo Studio enables users to create logos of all types for personal or professional use. For more information about PagePlus X3 and the Logo Studio, visit www.serif.com.

Dale Cook

NOTE If you haven't already settled in to a desktop publishing program, or you're thinking you might want something more, just check out PagePlus X3... it's powerful publishing, easy to use, has everything you need, and is gentle on the pocketbook!


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