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Remember, we told you about Tintbooks last year... well, they've now completed the first comprehensive CMYK Graphic Design Tool for printing on Uncoated Paper.

Predict CMYK Color with Confidence

By Joyce Dalman, Tintbook

Viewing ColorsManaging CMYK color on printing projects is becoming more time-consuming in these digital days. Traditional film proofing provided more accurate color matching from proof to press, but that method for making analog printing proofs is now history.

Why do we see colors differently in print vs. on the monitors? The best way to tell is to compare blacks. On your monitor you'll see a much more intense black than on paper.
The black on the right below shows approximates blacks in "Subtractive" color. .
compare blacks

Manufacturers of Digital proofing systems for Print are constantly upgrading their color standards. A multitude of output options exist. Printed on various substrates, produced by different chemicals, dyes and ink compounds, these choices can confuse the color matching process for printers and graphic designers. There is no consistency.

Soft proofs, via PDF, also cannot guarantee accuracy for CMYK color reproduction. The computer monitor is in RGB and provides you with the ability to view art files for placement and content, but probably won't represent the final ink color on a printed press sheet. Remember the additive and subtractive basics of viewing color? Review this principle as shown in this sample page from the Tintbook® CMYK Color Guide.

predicting color

While both digital proofs and PDF proofing systems are important at the prepress stage, Tintbook provides the way to predict color results with confidence through every stage of your printing project. Tintbook is a CMYK Color Matching Solution, available in both Coated and Uncoated versions.

Sample ColorThe CMYK color formulas determine that 'what you see is what you get,' because Tintbooks are printed under the same conditions as your offset printing project. Choose the identical CMYK formulas, whether you are working with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or Quark XPress. Tintbook works the same in ALL graphic design applications.

Another issue in color matching is that although current emphasis is placed on the 4-color printing market - the reality is that 2-color printing still is in great demand. Tintbook contains 2-color, 3-color and 4-color formulas for designers to create, among the over 25,000 actual printed formulas available in every Volume. Several sections featuring Pastel Colors from Tintbook are built in 3% CMYK components. These special formulas are necessary because digital proofs rarely can hold a 3% dot; so pastel colors practically disappear on proofs.

With color planning like this, you can accurately predict what 2, 3 or 4 color builds will look like. And you really can't trust the PMS color builder in your software either. Tintbooks provides a pop-out gray and white card for isolating and viewing colors -- something you cannot do with software. Additionally, when you're planning a design job, you'll want to view your built color in the light the majority of your readers will be using. For instance, a travel brochure or map might be primarily viewed in daylight -- however, business communications like stock reports or marketing materials will probably be viewed under fluorescent light. And, the colors will appear differently. You can only proof that with printed paper, carried to the specific light source.

Color communication becomes more satisfying when everyone is in agreement about color choices for each printing project, before it goes on press. The print designer, their client and the printing vendor all work together with Tintbook to make color simple.
* Sample: Blue Green Grid
* Sample: Pastels Grid

Visit www.tintbooks.com for all the details and lots of sample pages.

Joyce Dalman is president of Joyce Dalman Printing Services, a Print Broker Corporation in Seal Beach, California. With over 25 years' commercial and publication printing experience, she is co-publisher of Tintbook. Joyce works with corporate, entertainment and non-profit clients, both in Southern California and Nationwide. Clients working with Tintbook give it a 100% positive rating. 'Tintbook is a life-saver.' Add it to your library today!

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