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April is brought to you by Pastel Colors of Spring.

By Joyce Dalman, Tintbook

Colors blossom from Robin's Egg Blue, Pale Green Grasses, Violets and Wild Iris, all the way to Organic Browns.

Pastel colors are softer shades that, when built in CMYK, are not always reflected accurately on digital proofs or computer monitors (RGB). Tintbook CMK Color Guides show you the actual color that you expect to see on your finished printed project.

Pastels from Tintbook

The screen-tint values from Tintbook work identical in ALL your graphic design software.
(Download the above chart has a higher resolution TIF file, and see Joyce's second set of pastels. )


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NOTE: Visit www.tintbooks.com for all the details and lots of sample pages.

Joyce Dalman is president of Joyce Dalman Printing Services, a Print Broker Corporation in Seal Beach, California. With over 25 years' commercial and publication printing experience, she is co-publisher of Tintbook. Joyce works with corporate, entertainment and non-profit clients, both in Southern California and Nationwide. Clients working with Tintbook give it a 100% positive rating. 'Tintbook is a life-saver.' Add it to your library today!

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