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Varnish Techniques

Kristy wrote...
 > I need your help. I worked as a  
 > graphic design temp for a short time.  
 > The  company I worked for, graphic department had  
 > swatch books that showed different varnishes  
 > (dull, glossy) and UV coatings. I would like to  
 > have something like that on my job now.  
 > Do you know where, I can find these?
Interesting, in the PART 3 edition of "Designing with Photos" (This month special edition) in DT&G Online, I talk about varnishing photos and paper surfaces. Very timely question.
      Check the S.D. Warren Paper company through your local paper merchant salesman. Ask your printer for their (usually) 800 number. They maintain a "Designers" dept and have a nice publication that demonstrates all the varnishes and coatings on an assortment of paper stocks.
      In all likelihood each paper mill has their own similar sample book. Paper mills are one of the BEST ever resources for ideas, samples and idea starters. Their paper sample kits are lavishly designed, and freely available. Some are stunning. They also will provide sampler kits that have sheet samples of most of their stocks for your own experimentation.
      If you're working on a book, booklet, annual report, or other multi-page project, they'll usually build dummies for you out of the paper stock you consider using. This helps visualize the finished project, get the client's approval, and check mailing weights, etc.
      I have one right here in my samples shelf. :-)
(You knew exactly where to ask this question didn't you?)

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