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All it takes is a moment of white space

Giving 20 minutes of my workday to a stress-free, invigorating activity will only energize the rest of my time at my desk, and maybe give a brilliant idea time to surface.
      Creativity is so simple to cultivate and so simple to forget. In a book I recently compiled called Idea Revolution, I asked hundreds of designers what they do to counteract a creative slump. The book lists over 120 solutions to common creative challenges-all simple ways that designers have found to bring creativity to their daily lives. The contributors all have one trait in common: They believe in working to live, not living to work.
All it takes is a moment of white space
Thoreau understood that to be efficient was not to be mindlessly busy. All it takes is a moment of white space-a simple activity or a calm, quiet rest-to reenergize your day and make tasks easier to accomplish. This is how to become a truly efficient laborer, and a more effective creative thinker.

Idea Revolution

Where do creative ideas come from?

Clare Warmke is the acquisitions editor for HOW Design Books. She deals with creative people in the design field on a daily basis, and is uniquely positioned to see the world of creativity from the big picture perspective.
Her recently published book Idea Revolution is a Design-Bookshelf Editors' Choice book that everyone in any of the creative endeavours should read. It presents a collection of unique motivational solutions to virtually every creative challenge -- including 120 activities, exercises and anecdotes that will spark your creative juices.
Clare's next book, Colossal Design, will be available in July.

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