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Last month Paul wrote in to ask about

3D modeling programs

So, I passed the inquiry along to all-time great graphics guru Bary David Bouton...

Gary writes:

There is most certainly a 3D program you can afford that will map text, graphics and text as graphics. It's called Adobe Dimensions 3, and it's about $150 US.

With a little effort you can make quite complex shapes in the program, but you cannot make reflections or shadows (but you can create them manually in Photoshop; check out my gallery--loads of instances where I painted the shadows in).

cool drawing by Gary done in DimensionsOver here is a small example that took me a whopping 5 minutes to create!

Why not go to and download the 30 day trial version? It's the most intuitive modeling program I own. And as far as more sophistication goes (like animation, bump mapping and reflections and such, on the Macintosh, the next cheapest program is Strata Pro for $1,000 retail, and if you're a Windows user, trueSpace fits the bill at $300.

The industry seems to have a gap between entry level and professional 3D programs.

It's called *intermediate*!!!!!

Kindest Regards,
      Gary David Bouton

Be sure to check out Gary's new "Inside Photoshop 7" book ... a sure-fire home run!

or visit Gary directly at the "Home of all things Photoshop!" The Boutons' Web Site Free education! The Writings Web site and the updated GaryWorld Gallery is pretty okay, too.

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