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A person calling themselves "DIVINE GRAPHICS" wrote to ask
How is this done?

Attached to this e-mail are three pictures.  My question is: 
What  graphic software should I buy to render these results?  
thank you.

Design, Type and Graphics Tips n Tricks for Graphic Designers and Desktop PublishersOkay... let's take a look.

Any number of programs can accomplish this in the hands of a creative person. First, by closely examining the images, I believe these samples were scanned out of a book or magazine.
__ These images are quite complicated, eventhough they look simple. Software really doesn't have a big roll in these visions beyond the tool that was used to assemble a number of separate images.
__ Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, ColorIT, CorelDraw, CorelPaint, or Canvas could have produced these images just about the same.
__ These are really ingenious because what the artist has done is worked from original photographs of all kinds of jewelry and then lifted parts and combined them to form letters.
__ The "V" is a basic letter form, outlined, then extruded for depth. some airbrush work there gives the modeling. Then gems - diamonds, I guess - have been montaged and built into the center of the letter.
__ The "u" was made from a piece of solid gold jewelry and the extended drop thickness encrusted with whole diamonds.
__ The "B" is really different. If you look closely into the detail you'll see the artist has build a grid into the character, and then inserted a diamond setting into each of the gridded sections.
Of all three I like the "u" best, but the "B" took the most work. Depending on what the rest of the art actually spelled out, or if each of the designs were separate lines of type, I suspect that someone spent a good three or four days working on this art.
__ Art of this complexity doesn't come easy, nor cheap. And it sure doesn't spawn magically from software -- in fact, if the artist didn't have the vision, the skills and the patience to complete this art, software wouldn't have made any difference...

'til next time...
thanks for reading, we'll leave the modem on for you!

Fred Showker

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