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Someone asked:
"Where can I find some good food clipart?"

clip art food free samples

A.C. Asano Designs brings us the “Rough Cuts” ClipArt collections, and their Volume 1, "FOOD for thought." which fills the need for food clip with the fresh art of Tony Asano!

All images were hand-drawn, scanned and saved as an Adobe Illustrator EPS image, so they are fully editable and can be recolored to suit your needs. We looked closely and found the drawings to be very clean and professionally produced. Since they’re “vector-clean” they’ll also work well for path-driven output like vinyl cutting, or carving/plotting!

Download Samplers from the Publishers’Warehouse

A piece of pie clip artIf you send Tony a project you’ve produced using his Rough Cuts™ Clipart, it could be worth a FREE volume of clip art from the Rough Cuts™ collection! Four other volumes include general images, full & half page borders, and fitness images, all graced by Tony’s expertise.

If you need food clip, you may want to check this out. Tony asks only $1.00 shareware fee if you plan to use any of the images in the sampler, and he’ll credit your payment towards the purchase price of $10.00 for the full volume. How can you go wrong!

Tony’s “A.C.Asano Designs” is in El Cajon, California, and you can contact him direct at: (Please note: Tony doesn't seem to be answering his email. Please contact us if you are interested in this collection.)

Bon Apetite!

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