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ArText Text into Art

For some time we looked for ways of doing this technique and came up with all sorts of shareware programs and hacks that would, in fact, generate a grid of ascii text from a photo. All however were primitive and didn't address color. We told you about all kinds of software that creates montages from photos... next create photos in text. Now an upstart group has changed all that...

Color Photo to Text

Artext Simon Leung from London sent me the details on his new Artext Personal Edition software, and quite frankly we were all blown away!

Artext is the Worlds first colour digital photo to colour text convertor. Simply put, it takes a photo and converts it to text. The unique aspect is that the text which makes up the original photo, can be edited by ther user to say anything they want, the user can input any message upto 19,000 characters. The photo is then converted into text mode, and the results are a clever photo that when viewed at a distance looks like the photo, but up close it's simply text

The image that you choose to have converted, along with your own personal message, can be exported into three major formats, HTML, Rich Text Format (for emailing and word) and BMP. The software is backwards compatible with all major web authoring software and graphics programs.

Let the samples speak for themselves...

Amazing Powers

This is a truly new and innovating design tool. It allows clients and customers to use any photo, input any message (upto 19000 characters) and then the text will absorb the message. What makes Artext so unique is that each character of the text absorbs the original photo's colour, with a text document, the photo is replicated but in text format. The result is a unique form called Artext, where the text takes on the shape, look, colours and feel of the photograph.


allows designers, graphic designers, marketing, branding, advertisers, schools and fashion designers to create new world leading industry based around text, and the power of photos and words combined.

Artext, adjusts the and creates a new digital proverb, "A digital picture paints a thousand words" These words are directly inputed from the user of Artext, the choice of font used, and the photo that the text absorbs. ARTEXT PERSONAL EDITION is now available to download online and CD Rom.


The Professional edition of Artext with design tools including a text drawing tool, Character tool, advanced features for industry design professionals.

Artext is the creation from the same producers of the worlds first Photo to Music video software and service provider www.digitalxpression.co.uk , providing branding experience for MTV Europe, Coca Cola Great Britain, 3G Content within the United Kingdom. Our work ethos is to offer new digital experience from the digital mediaworld.

So now you can generate image from text and text from image.

Until next time... keep on imaging

Fred Showker
      Fred Showker, Editor/Publisher

I'd love to hear about your educational experiences, or your favorite training products. Please drop me a line and let's share with all DT&G readers!

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