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Artext Photo to Text

This image was created by Simon Leung of ArText, specifically for the 14th Annual Fonts Festival. When Simon sent it in we were all knocked-out! We had written about ArText several years ago, but then hadn't heard much from Simon since. But he's been working on the software and now it offers a lot more functionality than before.

With the addition of Freestyle typography, designing font based graphics lets you take the words' 'long reach' to vary the size and posture of the words. These are spectacular, and much better than the older functions that kept the letters all the same font and size. Each design was created using specific words.

[ Giraffe | Elephant | Silver back Gorilla ]

User interface Photo-to-Text

Four simple clicks to convert your photos to your words. Photo Text allows you to convert your color photo's / images / pictures into color text versions You can then edit in word, open office or any word processor or program that uses rich text format.


What makes this software unique is that you can type any message that you want, the converted image will become a full color, readable text version of your original color photo. Black and white images of course work too.


From a distance it looks like a photo, up close you can read the text with your words, thoughts or story. Compatible with your digital world, you can use any font from your own personal library on your PC. You must check out the ZOOM BAR page, it gives you a magnifying glass to look at the text enlarged!

Editable type

Save in three formats, web, word processing/email and graphics. There are eight text modes, as well as a built in quick image editor with special image effects. Edit in web programs, word processing programs and imported into your graphics programs for digital design. Check out this version which animates the text into a FLASH video ... spectacular!

"a picture paints a thousand words" only with Artext.

If your looking to add some Inspiration to your digital world -- create words to your photo's, then ArText would be your next step.

The price is 99 euros -- Windows users can download a DEMO: APD.zip

ArText does require Windows XP or Vista... there's NO Mac version yet, but the developer is gathering 'votes' to see if it's worth his time. All Mac users should CONTACT ARTEXT to let them know Mac users need it too! (When you do, there's a wonderful ArText animation ... use your cursor and watch the typography follow along! Bravo!)

Until next time... keep on imaging

Fred Showker
      Fred Showker, Editor/Publisher

I'd love to hear about your experiences, or your favorite typography products. Please drop me a line and let's share with all DT&G readers!

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