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Olympus in the snow

Digital Cameras: They keep getting better

excellent solutions for every budget

Just in time, Olympus introduces several new products that deliver breakthrough innovations: a shockproof, waterproof and freezeproof camera with new Tap Control, a sleek ultra-slim shooter, a 20X optical zoom in a more compact body, new classy budget cams with features galore.

Why Olympus? As we reviewed last year, these are probably your best true value in the digital camera market. The Olympus 790 SW test camera has been carried in pockets from New York to the Bahamas, even dropped into the surf, and continues to provide excellent service. We discovered water droplets inside the card bay in the second test model, but the card was fine, no photos lost, and the camera functioned perfectly after a day of drying. They are tough, easy to operate, quality shooters, and that's all there is to it!

SP-565 UZ: World's Most Powerful Ultra Zoom Gets an Extreme Makeover

cover The 10-megapixel SP-565 UZ from Olympus takes all that was great about the world's most powerful ultra zoom digital camera - the SP-570 UZ - and makes its smaller, lighter, and as easy to use as a point-and-shoot. With the same amazing precision-crafted 20x wide-angle telephoto zoom lens (26-520mm equivalent) you get three lenses (telephoto, wide, macro) in one portable body, and save some coin for expensive picture frames.
Face Detection: The SP-565 UZ also sports enhanced Face Detection that can now track up to 16 faces within a frame and optimizes exposure even when subjects are moving, making it the perfect camera for those hard-to-capture timeless group shots.
Dual Image Stabilization Like the SP-570 UZ, Dual Image Stabilization ensures blur-free images whether your hands are shaking or a subject is moving rapidly, and
High-Speed Sequential Shooting snaps 13.5 frames per second so it's almost as fast as shooting a video (and it shoots videos). Scene modes can capture all imaginable scenarios and make using this camera - and choosing this camera - a no-brainer. Save: $56.00 (14%) *

Tap Into Your Creativity with the Stylus 1050 SW

coverNext time you're snorkeling with the sea turtles or swimming with your friends, you can use the Stylus 1050's Tap Control to tap into your creativity. While other digital cameras may use touch screens to access settings, the new Stylus 1050 SW has a shockproof, waterproof and freeze-proof body that is sensitive to touch all over.
Thanks to its internal 3D accelerometer (seen in popular video game controls) getting to the most common menu settings in situations where pushing buttons takes time or is difficult, is now as fast and easy as a tap on the top, bottom, front, back or sides of the camera. Olympus Stylus 1050 SW - Save: $30.22 (10%)*)

Stylus 1040: Ultra-Slim Stylus Ever Fits Into Every Lifestyle

coverWith a camera as portable and attractive as the ultra-slim Stylus 1040, you won't just capture the scene - you'll make the scene wherever you go. When you're wearing a designer outfit, getting behind the wheel of a sleek sports car, or stepping onto the red carpet, the Stylus 1040 is available in black, silver, and red to match every moment. Its first-class technology includes Intelligent Auto Mode that automatically identifies what is in the camera's sights and adjusts settings to capture the best quality results depending on the situation (it uses its brain so you don't have to use yours).
Face Detection and Smile Shot guarantee perfect group shots at any party. In-Camera Panorama and Digital Image Stabilization ensure that your pictures of magnificent vistas will come out sharp and seamless. Olympus Stylus 1040 icon*

FE-360 and FE-370: Small Cameras Pack a Big Punch

coverWhile small in size, the new FE-360 and FE-370 are full of impressive imaging technologies packed into colorful slim metal bodies ideal for people on the move. Raising the bar for entry-level digital cameras, both models feature 8.0 megapixels of resolution; Image Stabilization for virtually blur-free images; Face Detection for crisp portraits; Perfect Shot Preview to see various shot options before the shutter is pressed; In-Camera Help Guides that make print manuals obsolete; a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for convenience; and an LCD backlight boost for viewing in bright light.
SMILE SHOT Detects a smile on your subject's face and automatically fires off three consecutive shots to capture that perfect smile. Olympus FE-360 and FE-370 - Save: $13.21 (10%)*

Olympus Consumer Packaging Goes Green

Olympus Imaging America Inc. takes another major step in its green initiative by eliminating 70 percent of the plastic from the packaging for its audio products and 80 percent for its xD-Picture Card packaging, which will be hitting retail shelves this fall. In a 12-month period, this will equal more than 83 tons of plastic that will not need to be recycled or otherwise disposed by consumers. Here's the story from Olympus

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