Keeps bouncing and bouncing

"... with their blockbuster collection of stock photography -- by far the best and most diverse white-room model shots in the industry..."

In addition to their superb black and white collection we reported on some time ago, they've rolled out more than two dozen killer CDs of static model photography. In fact, you've probably seen it already and don't know about it -- from packaging to magazine ads, I'm seeing Rubber Ball bouncing around all over the place. Rightly so, too, since it's top-drawer stuff!
      The most recent package (and the one that inspired this web page) is their "Your Message Here" collection. (see our header above, or peek at the enlargement.) The collection contains 100 superbly photographed models from all walks of life -- from little old ladies to punk rockers to clean-cut children to the girl next door to bald-headed "matrix" guys to horn-rimmed geeks-- all sitting on, pushing, holding or standing behind panels where you add your message! Have any one of four inviting models holding your CD. Have them sitting on your product box. Put them to work for you selling product or persuading readers! It's a stunning collection you will pay for in the first use!
      Then there's the Photo Caricature series -- 6 volumes, 100 shots each of every imaginable life style -- from every walk of life -- from every race, color and creed -- all doing stuff. How about an office worker shocked at a bulging file cabinet? (Male or female, you pick!) How about a skate boarder... or a rock-n-roller? Or a little girl at a lemonade stand. They're waving, talking, crouching, jumping, dancing, strolling, bicycling, smooching, ironing, eating, squatting, pushing, pointing, laughing, and on and on. You name it. There's a Santa Clause. There's an Elvis . There's a baby in a high chair, doctors, nurses, construction workers D.J.s, students, pets and even an astronaut -- and -- a Hell's Angel on his Hog. (Well, actually it's a big Norton, but most won't know the difference.) There are also beautifully posed cliche shots too, like the famous housewife in curlers, bathrobe and slippers. ("Where where YOU last night?") Or, four adorable trick-or-treaters with costumes and open bags at your doorstep! They've got everything but sex -- although some of the shots are, indeed, very sexy.
      The knockout about the collection is that they're all silhouettes, they're all professionally color balanced CMYK, and they all (at least all we've looked at) contain their own clipping path. So they're ready to go to print. They come in three levels of resolution up to about 50 megs, so they hold the fidelity in the most demanding process color situations. If you're wondering about detail, don't. They're shot with high quality studio cameras and lighting using professional models. (See enlargement of Elvis' fist) Also a real boost is each CD comes with both a jewel case insert of thumbnails (for instant browsing) and an Acrobat PDF you can pass to coworkers for reference.
      I could go on and on, but to really sink your teeth into the RubberBall you'd need to zoom on out to their web site and take a look. Be prepared to be WOWed!

Tell'em Fred sent you.

RubberBall Productions is located in Orem, UTAH, USA and you're invited to call for a catalog, 888-224-3472, email, or stop in their web site.

A Reader from Houston, TX, USA writes in to comment on this article:

  > After reading your review of Rubber Ball, I was intrigued 
  > so I checked out their site.  The graphics they have are 
  > quite nice, but the straw that broke my back is their 
  > restrictive license, to wit:  
  > Images may not endorse, promote, represent or be used in connection 
  > with alternative (gay and/or lesbian) lifestyles; alcohol; tobacco; 
  > illegal drugs; psychological, psychotropic, and/or physical 
  > disorders; criminal and/or anti-social behaviors; sexual and/or 
  > pornographic contexts; and/or controversial political views. 
  > In addition, any uses which may be construed by the model as 
  > degrading, offensive, defamatory or which deal with controversial 
  > subjects of any kind are not covered in the releases RBP has in 
  > its possession. Such uses, if they are made at all, must be approved 
  > in writing ...  
  > Some of the subjects which I work with could be considered 
  > "controversial" (to someone) and some of my clients promote 
  > "alternative lifestyles" (whatever that is), so the cost (in time) 
  > of having to obtain additional permission to use said art 
  > makes it unattractive.  I suppose if I were doing web sites of 
  > 40-year old men eating jell-o while watching TV in their bathrobes, 
  > then I would be within the scope of the license, 
  > but I don't so I will look elsewhere for pictures.

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