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Celedy Software CeledyDraw 2

Can Windows users in the design field exist without Adobe Illustrator? Maybe not... probably not. However, can most Windows users exist without Adobe Illustrator? Well, before CeledyDraw we probably would have said no... but, today Celedy Software brings a low-cost, robust, alternative that can probably fulfill the needs of all but the most advanced professionals.

This 2-in-1 desktop graphics and publishing software has been designed for amateurs (and professionals) with an eye on the most used features and requirements the business and home Windows user needs -- while maintaining an emphasis on ease of use and affordability.

CeledyDraw 2 uses features to make the design process quick and easy for everyday users in small businesses, schools, and homes.

Symbol Gallery
      Instead of searching for or designing their own graphics, users can now browse and insert over 3,000 vector graphics by thumbnail, through CeledyDraw's Symbol Gallery. These symbols can be enlarged without loss of quality, and can even have special effects such as multicolor gradients, perspective, and 3-dimensional extrude applied.

These vector symbols are seamlessly installed with the program, and are literally a few clicks away. The Symbol Gallery represents the integration of attractive, readily-available vector images into design software. Even the most in-experienced users can take advantage of the Symbol Gallery and have fun adding a professional touch to their projects.

Templates Gallery
      Another new feature is the Templates Gallery, where users can easily browse and open hundreds of templates in all the major categories from greeting cards and signs to newsletters and resumes. While some of these are somewhat sophomoric, with a few being actually poorly designed, they do make good starting points for development and repurposing.

CeledyDraw 2 also comes with over 800 fun fonts, giving users unlimited creative freedom in their design projects. This gives users instant access to hundreds of professional templates in popular categories such as flowcharts, diagrams, flyers, brochures, business cards, and greeting cards.

Other graphic design features such as the bezier curve tool, node-editing, autoshapes, artistic text, trim, weld, intersect, and enhanced special effects make CeledyDraw 2 a complete illustration package.
* Vector: butterfly illustration
* Auto Illustration
* DTP: Brochure Sample
* DTP: Flyer Sample
* DTP: Newsletter Sample

Rounding out the publishing features are linked text frames of any shape, text styles, full master page support, complete type-setting control and finally PDF, Adobe Illustrator and EPS export.

CeledyDraw 2 is powerful enough for quality publishing, yet doesn't take weeks to learn or years to master. The real feature is the fact that it is priced dramatically under major name-brand competitors making it a logical choice for any level of user interested in desktop publishing. CeledyDraw 2 is specifically tailored to the needs of non-professionals who nonetheless require powerful desktop graphics and publishing software -- there's even a good collection of online tutorials available.

CeledyDraw 2 professional-level graphic design and desktop publishing
$64.99 at www.celedy.com.

Until next time... keep on drawing!

Fred Showker
      Fred Showker, Editor/Publisher

Special thanks to Margie Schaffner of BLASTmedia for assisting with this review!

About Celedy Software Inc.

Celedy Software Inc. is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario that has been rigorously developing its flagship product CeledyDraw for over 10 years. In March 2002 Celedy released CeledyDraw 1.0 to very positive review. The mandate of the company is to provide professional-grade graphic design and desktop publishing software that is nonetheless accessible to the general public in terms of both price and ease of use. For additional information, visit www.celedy.com.

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