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Fred finds the ultimate multimedia program...
iView, iUse, iLike, iView

We just got back from some long overdue rest and relaxation -- first in San Francisco, to witness the graduation of my niece from high school, then at the beach in NC to get sun burned.
... It was the most excellent opportunity for me to load up the digital cameras, software and the new G3 Powerbook and catch up on some hardware reviews. My first thrill was discovering I can now make it from Dulles to San Francisco (5.5 hours) on a single powerbook battery charge! Whoa! With power to spare! But that's another story.
... I decided to play tourist and family photographer. The Olympus digital camera did a stunning job, pleasing everyone with near instant snapshots. Using medium res, being sufficient for snapshots, I loaded that camera several times on a single battery charge, not caring about exposure economy. Each 8-meg flash card load was downloaded immediately to the Powerbook. All I needed was a cable. I'm using Cameraid shareware software which automatically downloads the pictures to the powerbook while I'm off enjoying refreshments. Man, it's tough being the family photographer!
... What's really tough is getting the folks all huddled around the Powerbook to see each session's results. (It was a four-day affair, 50 to 100 shots a day!) Everyone thought it was wonderful to see the shots immediately upon arrival and download, but found it a bit cumbersome to load each shot one by one.
... So, I started using GraphicsConverter's built in slideshow function which works very nicely, once you get the hang of it. Yet the process was still a bit too difficult for non-computer and non-mac skilled viewers.
... I had been hearing some good reports on a new shareware program called iView, so I logged into their website and downloaded the program to give it a whirl. Presto! New slideshow program. The folks were thrilled because now they could run the show themselves. Everyone enjoyed the background music too, furnished by some classical QuickTime midi files I had loaded up at the NewMedia show in Toronto. iView made my day, because now I no longer had to answer questions, hold hands, and run the shows -- they were now self serve. But that's only the beginning of the story.

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