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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 11

Movie Edit

So many people have written lamenting that there are no movie-making products for Windows quite like the Apple's iMovie HD and iDVD products. Until the latest iteration of Movie Edit, from Magix, there wasn't. But now, Windows users, your time has come...

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 11 is an easy-to-use home video editing software for up and coming filmmakers and hobbyists alike. Be it HD support for crystal clear movies or fast and fun-packed editing with a few clicks: Movie Edit Pro 11 brings a complete film studio onto the PC for $59.99. (only $44.99 from Amazon.com)

Movie Edit Pro 11 is the choice for consumers and semi-professionals to create home movies that the whole family can watch on TV - with surround sound and HD-DVD-Menus. Although remarkably easy-to-use with editing wizards, automatic scene recognition, and chapter markers, Movie Edit Pro 11 is also extremely powerful. Camcorder & Computer Video Magazine chose MAGIX Movie Edit Pro as its "Top Pick" in June 2005, calling it, "Incredibly powerful...This program can do almost anything the $500 programs can do." And Videomaker said, "No video editing software has ever offered so many features for so little money, period."

Unleash Your Creativity

It's never been easier to turn your home video recordings into movies. Movie Edit Pro 11 lets consumers create their videos with support for surround sound, HD-TV, 16:9 widescreen, and Double Layer DVDs. On 16 tracks, Movie Edit Pro 11 produces video with amazing cuts, special effects, 3D transitions, exciting animated menus, and superior overdubbing.Movie edit story board

Story Maker Wizard for Beginners

For consumers that have never used a video editor before, Movie Edit Pro 11 makes it simple to get started with the Story Maker wizard. With only a few clicks, Story Maker quickly brings movie recordings to life in seconds.

Upload your Movies Online for Free!

Precious movies can be preserved on DVD, CD, tape, DVB streams, or sent to mobile devices to share with family and friends. Consumers can also upload their streaming video for free to their personal MAGIX Online Photo & Video Album website, which makes watching and sharing your movies online a reality. The MAGIX Online Content Library also provides an assortment of free photos, videos, music to easily enhance your movies.

Video and effects windowNew Features in Movie Edit Pro 11 include:
* Double-layer DVD burning
* MAGIX Smart design for easy and intuitive use
* DVD menus with realistic 3D image fonts and new animations
* Innovative DVD menu
* Transition effects for 16:9 widescreen format
* Flawless video mix effects with Alpha Channel keying
* Clean-Up Wizard removes unnecessary files
* Upload free photo & video files onto the Internet and stream them with a click.

Further New Features:
* New overdubbing sounds and picture-in-picture effects for impressive videos.
* Virtual original soundtrack normalization for impressive sound - adds powerful sound even from the quietest camera recordings
* Add DVD menus with 3D image fonts, backgrounds, and new animations.
* Multi-channel import with AC3 codec support (i.e. from installed software DVD players).
* Up to 25% faster rendering on conventional hyper-threading PCs.
* Smarter VHS copy assistant for automatic scene recognition and chapter markers.
* Fast-optimization of image quality (auto exposure, auto color, white balance).
* Professional VST interface for use of external audio effect plug-ins.
* Now with object curves for selective brightness (Gamma function).
* Exits automatically after burning.
* Includes MAGIX Photo Manager for digital photos.
* Spectacular 3D effects - flying hearts, etc.
* MAGIX Story Maker - brings life to your movie recordings with only a few clicks.
* Burns high-definition DVDs (includes HD-DVD menu).
* Animated elements add life to any scene (cartoons, speech bubbles and more).
* Intelligent Burn Assistant quickly creates any disc-type of your choice for TV and PC.

Movie EditMAGIX Movie Edit Pro 11
for Windows 2000 / 98 / Me / NT / XP; or,
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 10 for Windows XP

Until next time... keep on editing! (Movies, that is!)

Fred Showker
      Fred Showker, Editor/Publisher


MAGIX is a pioneer of innovative rich media products for professional and consumer markets. As worldwide market and technology leader in photo, video and audio applications combined with multimedia content and online services1, MAGIX is the only international company to offer this full range of multimedia solutions for broadband, B2B and consumer markets. MAGIX allows consumers of all ages and experience levels to convert, edit, create, share and publish their own rich media content, including video, photos and music. With MAGIX, everybody can speak multimedia.

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