Building Colors on Uncoated Stock

By Joyce Dalman, Tintbooks
Remember, we told you about Tintbooks several years ago... well, they've now completed the first comprehensive CMYK Graphic Design Tool for printing on Uncoated Paper.

This Volume of Tintbook Uncoated makes the Tintbook Color Matching System complete! First introduced in June 2005, Graphic Designers, Printers and Publishers have purchased Tintbook Coated for CMYK color management. The reviews are 100% positive from the Graphic Design Community.

TintbookPrinting on Uncoated Paper Stock presents many challenges, but Uncoated Paper is ideal for printing Stationery, Annual Reports, Custom Brochures, etc. A demonstration of how color changes from Coated vs. Uncoated Sheets is presented in a special section of Tintbook Uncoated. The CMYK colors are also printed on various Uncoated Paper surfaces to show how the shades can change. All this vital information + over 25,000 CMYK screen tint combinations are contained in Tintbook Uncoated. A special Pastel section is included.

TINTBOOKS work with all computer Graphic Design Software Applications like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. A Designer simply selects a CMYK color, and then enters those color component values into the Color Palette field of the Design Application that they are using.

Tintbooks are the most accurate, printed Color Guides available, and take the guesswork out of CMYK color matching when preparing digital art files for printing projects. The color charts are presented in a well-organized, user-friendly manner.

A snap-out color viewing mask assists in finding just the right color. As you work through the book, it's organized in sections to help you find the right color. There are even two and three color specifications in case your budget doesn't support full, 4-color printing. (Click to see how easy it is to use!) Once you locate the color you want to use, simply enter the CMYK values into the color specifier in your favorite software. Only a printed color guide can or should be expected to match the final press sheet for any print project.

Tintbooks take you back to the basics of Color Management with tips and valuable printing information -- all defined in uncomplicated terms. The retail price for each volume is $80.00. (Far less than the "other" color matching system!)

Professional Designers and Printers understand that a computer monitor will not produce accurate color results; since calibration can change daily and chances are remote that several monitors will view color the same. Printer's digital proofs often cannot match a print project, because those proofs are produced on a variety of substrates, using multiple toner compounds and dyes. Ink on paper is the only method for color accuracy. That's what Tintbook is all about!

Tintbook With technology changes in the printing industry, color matching has become a major hurdle for all of us. From the computer screen, to laser printouts, followed by printer's digital proofs that are produced on a variety of substrates using multiple chemical compounds, true color results are often confusing and disappointing.

Only a printed sheet will produce accurate results. That is what TINTBOOK is all about.

If you build color -- you'll really appreciate the leaps in creativity and confidence you can gain with Tintbook.

Visit for all the details and lots of sample pages.

Until next time... have fun building color!

Brown without the Blues Brown without the Blues
Building Colors Building Colors on Uncoated Stock
Color Made Reliable Building Color Made Reliable 25,000 CMYK process screen tint combinations
Predict CMYK Color Predict CMYK Color with Confidence
building CMYK Pastels Pastel Colors of Spring

"The Tintbook is probably one of the most valuable assets a print designer can rely on... " Tintbooks Coated

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