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... review by Joyce J Evans

The Total Training Photoshop, with Deke McClelland, course is one of the finest I've seen to date. You can learn by doing with in-depth video instruction. Since it's on DVD you can play it on your computer, pause and follow along. Or you can play it on your TV and follow right along without switching screens or pausing (if you are quick enough).

deke If you are a beginner to Photoshop, this is a great way to get hands on experience as you learn. But there is a ton of stuff even for experienced users. It's a great way to get up to speed on all the new features some of which are Camera Raw, Photo Montage, Shadow Highlight, Layer Comps and red eye removal. I love the new Layer Comps feature; this is the best Photoshop version yet!

Included in the training is a quick reference guide that shows you each topic on the disc, including the length of each movie. You can decide ahead of time what you have time to view. The intro is nice but you aren't forced to watch it each time you start the disc. Once you've watched it, it then skips to the place where you left off... nice timesaver.

A files disc is supplied which include the images used in the training so you can follow along. Also included are Deke's custom preference settings so you can work in the same environment as Deke with the images that are supplied. Menu There are a total of 43 lessons on 7 DVDs which are organized very well by topics. Each DVD starts off with a course title etc. intro then moves into the disc intro using a casino theme. Deke wheels and deals you some great content. You are then presented with a menu of the topics included on that disc.

Each topic is very thorough and easy to understand. Deke meticulously walks you through each step of each task. There are a ton of insider tips and tricks to make your job easier.

RED EYE The samples used in the book are creative and very nice. For instance, demonstrating how to remove redeye, this is the image used.

That's the most unusual redeye I've ever seen! Not only does he show you how to use the tools, alter the color, get rid of the halo etc. but he explains why you get redeye in the first place.

If you'd like to take the training out for a spin then you can view a demo here.

The Master Teacher

In my opinion Deke McClelland is a master teacher!
      If you learn best by doing, then you can't go wrong by investing in this training. It's like having the master right there by you, guiding you through the learning process for a fraction of the cost of personalized training!

PROGRAM 1: Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals

PROGRAM 2: Color Correction & Camera Raw

total trainingThe package continues with PROGRAM 3: Select, Paint & Edit; PROGRAM 4: Layers, Blends & Channels; PROGRAM 5: Filters & Distortions; PROGRAM 6: Text, Vectors & Output and the BONUS DISC, which includes files from the tutorials along with a number of actions and other goodies.

TOTAL TRAINING - www.totaltraining.com
Author: Deke McClellan -- Price: $299

    have fun!

Joyce Evans
Joyce Evans is a web designer, Dreamweaver/Fireworks expert, and author of numerous books for web designers and developers.
Visit Joyce at her web site: www.je-ideadesign.com

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