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Turbo Photo Library and Freebies

... for budget-conscious graphic designers

turbo Graphic designers on a tight budget may appreciate the new Turbo Photo Library CD-ROM, by Turbo Photo. It features 500 high resolution (hi-res) royalty-free images for only $49 -- a price level unparalleled by other major stock photo providers. Corel is the most comparable company to offer "affordable-level" stock photo CD-ROMs, however it maintains a substantially higher price. Corel CD-ROMs are priced from $24.95 - $499.95, most of which fall into the higher end of the range (Source: fotosearch).

Resolution to spare

Turbo Photo's growing library of 500 royalty free high-resolution (hi-res) photos, encompass a variety of categories in JPEG images ranging from 2048 x 1536 to 2560 x 1920 resolution. The images can print reliably up to 8.5"x 6.4" at 300dpi and are ideal for small to medium-size print jobs, like collateral, direct mail, or print ads.


Lots of variety

Most professional stock photo CD-ROMs contain approximately 100 or fewer images, so having an additional 400 images will offer more convenience to the designer. Turbo Photo Library CD-ROM allows a designer plenty of stock photo assets with less CD swapping. The images are cataloged and keyword tagged in Extensis Portfolio, so it is easy to browse and find the right image.

The main benefit of the Turbo Photo Library is its extremely affordable price -- lower than any other stock photo CD-ROM offering. For just $49 (plus $5 shipping), designers on a tight budget will have a smile on their face and great pictures at hand with this new product.

On the downside

Photos of people are conspicuously missing. This is one of the most important categories -- and probably the most sought after for business, retail and commerce applications. Photo topics like NASA, landscapes and animals among others are covered well.

Turbo Photo

This new company has a respectable line-up in store for you and represents some promising potential in the stock photo field. Users who regularly use photos of all kinds are better off purchasing generalized CDs of photos than paying for and downloading them one by one.

Click this link to pull up a thumbnails sheet (Large graphic, slow load!)

Freebies: from the Turbo Photo Library CD

Freebies: from the Space Library CD


For existing customers only. Just fill out the 2 minute survey and you can download a batch of new images. You can also Sign up for periodic links to FREE STOCK PHOTOS, CD Giveaways, and hot specials on the latest stock photo CDs.

Topics and Prices among others...

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