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DigiEffects: Web Euphoria

... BEST new plug-in for 2004

web euphoria Here's a collection of plugins that are perfect for video professionals -- all 20 originated in the various DigiEffects plug-in sets: Aurorix 2, Berserk, Cinemotion, and Delirium for Adobe After Effects and other hosts. Many of our After Effects users are Photoshop users. The idea had been posed as a 'what-if'and a 'wouldn't-it-be-nice'sort of suggestion many times since the effects were introduced. So we thought it would be useful to bring these same dynamic effects to the high-res, photographic environment of Photoshop for use on the Web and in digital design.

This is a super product for digital artists because the level of creative control over images is so powerful!

Web Euphoria contains 20 special effects plug-ins for Photoshop, includes tools for creating artistic effect as well as naturalistic phenomenon with particle-based fire, smoke and rain. These aren't your typical "particle-only" simulations, these effects are enhanced with built-in organic processing to create highly realistic simulations without resorting to complex 3D programs. You can also create old-movie effects, noisy video transmissions, light-blasts, posterizations, laser beams, text effects, and much more!

Each plug-in has a custom user interface that is easy to use. There are many presets, and you can even save your own. Fully interactive preview allows changes to be made quickly. Web Euphoria may be used with Premiere, but the parameters and effects are not animatable. If you require animated versions, please look into our After Effects packages.


grayscaleGRAYSCALER: solves the problems we get so many inquiries for and that's converting color images into grayscale images. This one has a customizable luminance channel control. You can get some amazing looks by blending different amounts of the Red, Green and Blue color channels together to create a grayscale image. The key here is that it allows for adding varying amounts of each of the red, green and blue color channels.

StarField creates a simulation of flying through a field of stars. You have full control over the number of stars, speed, warp center, perspective, streak amount, distant cutoff, maximum size, random color, color stars, minimum and maximum color for the stars, and blending with the original image. Increase the streak amount for "star wars" light--speed jump effects.

posterizer SELECTIVE POSTERIZE: This effect allows you to add posterization (also known as color banding) of an image through the Red, Green and Blue channels independently. Since the concepts are the same for Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channel controls, we will describe the controls once.

DAY FOR NIGHT: simulates the standard photographic method of shooting night scenes. It uses a gradient tint over the image to make a daylight scene look moonlit. Day for Night allows you to create standard film "filter" gradients, with easy access to presets. Day for Night came to us after many many requests from users who had been using the CineLook day for night preset.

aged filmAGED FILM: simulates an aged "old photo look", with grain, dust, hair, scratches, luminance distortion, and tinting. You can make your image as new or old as you want.

Web Euphoria

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