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Wildform FX Pro

... software review by Joyce J Evans

If you'd like to make great Flash based animated text then this is for you!
      It couldn't be easier and you don't even have to know how to use Flash or even own it!

Wildform FX Pro ships with 417 effects and all you have to do is type the text and choose an effect. There is a custom folder full of effects that you can customize yourself.

You can use any font you'd like, alter the background color, the Font color, the alignment and much more. To show you how very easy it is to use and also to show you the interface, I've made you a movie tutorial highlighting the main features. You'll also see a preview of the effects selected.

Wildform FX Pro
The Wildform FX Pro interface with the preview window displayed

Wildform FX Pro demonstration (600 K swf file)

The Pro version has a lot of video output features:

Wildform also has a good selection of tutorials and support on their site.

Wildform FX Pro

* Price $99.00
* Power Effects pack has 200 additional effects for a price of $29.00
* Compare different packages available with Proposal Kit
* See: www.ProposalKit.com for more details.

    have fun!

Joyce Evans
Joyce Evans is a web designer, Dreamweaver/Fireworks expert, and author of numerous books for web designers and developers.
Visit Joyce at her web site: www.je-ideadesign.com

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