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Proof that a Logo works

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Let's look at few recent logos and see if they were successful in fulfilling the mission...

The client has a retail store, and his outdoor signage needed to be read and understood quickly. Fresh, modern typography helps make an obvious, but appropriate graphic work better. Colors represent their main brand, New Holland. My illustrator Will simply drew this tractor based on an actual tractor from the New Holland Web site.

Logo Sample Pensacola Tractor


This company sells dissolution products, which are what pharmaceutical companies use to see how long pills take to dissolve. So their primary products are these vessels that hold the pills and various dissolving solutions. Will drew the vessel, and I worked the typography, customizing the Q and the A.The circles (to the left of the vessel) have roots in the client's former logo, which originally represented the five partners of the firm. In this instance, we were able to keep the origins intact, but it can now graphically represent pills dissolving.

Logo Sample QLA

In Home Construction

Here's a simplistic graphic with more sophisticated colors in the quadrant. This diccates a more refined image for this California-based general contractor. I don't think you could express "in-home" more simply. Our resident illustrator, Will, developed the icon and I worked the typography.

Logo Sample In Home Construction


This client wanted us to design a simple, yet corporate identity. Jeff Devey Jr. developed the lowercase e icon, and I worked the typography. We then used the eas a ghost on their stationery and truck lettering. Jeff Chudoff at Arizona Designs [www.arizonadesignsinc.com]executed the truck lettering.

Logo Sample Earthscapes

Montclair Realty

This is one of my favorite recent logos. The style of the home is indicative of Montclair, New Jersey where the business is located. The two bright colors were chosen for their unique- ness among the client's competitors. The use of color is so critical when establishing a brand for your client.

Logo Sample Montclair Realty

Ridgewood Closets

This is an obvious graphic, with roots from the client's existing logo. Colors represent wood tones used in the closet. Creative use of typography creates more of a brand image. I didn't like the Win this font (Mostra) so I used two Vs and kerned them to create the new W. One important advertising medium for the client is his vehicles. This will be bold and distinctive.

Logo Sample Ridgewood Closets

Dan Antonelli

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Copyright Dan Antonelli This article originally appeared in the May/June 2006 issue os SignCraft and is reprinted here with permission and kudos to SignCraft and Dan Antonelli -- Dan Antonelli, President and Creative Director, Graphic D-Signs, Inc. and SignShopMarketing.com. Please contact Dan Antonelli

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