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Line art - Dynamic GraphicsHigh-end Themed Art...1997 Best Award
Dynamic Graphics

You've heard us say this before, and we're going to say it again: the best professional art and idea service is Dynamic Graphics' Electronic Clipper. No other company in the world has quite matched the quality and diversity of DG's monthly art CDs.
__ These always arrive with outstanding images, fresh insights into the art, and a bevy of idea starters that the professional publications designer cannot miss.
__ Each month the Clipper package arrives with a great new collection of seasonally oriented art and graphics along with the on-CD Idea Source, a printed directory of all the images (large enough that you can actually see how good they are) and the Clipper Magazine which is full of idea starters, and examples of the art in the package in use. Each issue includes seasonal theme art along with general images, typographic headers, and cartoons. A separate section showcases images from the issue in use for various layout idea starters and finished solutions.

__ The design is always good, the illustration impeccable, and the quality... well, the best there is. Note that DG people drawings are the best in any clip art collection to date. When they draw a hand, it's a convincing hand. That sounds trivial, but you wouldn't believe some of the awful people drawings we've seen in some of these collections. In many scenarios multiple images are included, drawn in a similar style. So for ongoing or theme styled publications you'll have a cartoon art - Dynamic Graphicsnumber of images that look like they belong together. For instance, this month's issue includes over a dozen snappy drawings of people in all kinds of positions... all the same style. There's a year's worth of newsletter spots right on this one CD.
__ Additionally, the EPS files are all grouped/layered objects. So if the drawing of the business man carrying a pencil needs to be carrying a dollar bill... you simply remove the pencil and replace it with the dollar bill. No auto-tracing here. Sweet.Photo-realistic art - Dynamic Graphics
__ It's all 3-ring drilled, and includes a tabbed index sheet, so you can build an easy to use directory for the collection. Although a bit pricey at $71.10 per month, we always seem to find just the right image we need from those CDs, without a lot of hunting or trial and error. That coupled with the ease of use makes it pay for itself very quickly. We love it. The client loves it.
__ We don't want to sing DG's praise too much, they're already plenty big-headed, but if you need high-style, high quality images, that the amateur DTPers won't be using, DG is the only source. DG is located in Peoria, IL, 800-255-8800. If you call, be sure and request a copy of their "ArtWorks" catalog. You can download free, sample images at
Dynamic Graphics "Electronic Clipper" gets the 1997 DT&G "BEST" Award for Clip Art.

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