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Welcome to the BEST, MVP and Editors Choice awards for from the past.
__ Very few products from the past really WOWed us like in years past. Even the new iMacs and iBooks didn't really give us enough inspiration to put down what we're using to jump on board. In fact, not one single product came forth that really set the biz on ear. While all the manufacturers seem to be blinded by online commerce, and oneupmanship, the graphic arts industry has sat quietly by and watched the same old stuff get new window dressings. I sat through the very same demonstrations at Macworld as I saw in late 1998. I've seen the Adobe InDesign launch four times. Even Olympus with their new 2.2 megapixel digital camera didn't rival last years 400z product. Some of the industry pundits would have us believe that VIDEO is the next big horizon. Bunk. There will be 100,000 times as many DTP projects as their are desktop videos this year. We say get behind the graphics industry and give us some truly new tools and software.
__ 2000 was a very good year to stay the same and keep on churning out the work on the equipment and software we already have. We're hoping for some really awesome things in 2000... looking for a 1,000 mHz graphics processer... looking for DSL Wireless to sweep the industry, and hand-helds to come into their own.
__ These products are outstanding. We’ve used them, and tested them in a variety of situations, and we believe that any of them would be beneficial to you in your various digital pixelsmithing activities whether amateur or professional.

BEST, and MVP: iView Multimedia for Macintosh, is the best all-round program for graphic artists we've seen in three years. Best of all it's shareware. This product gets BOTH our BEST award and "Most Valuable Product" award. iView is brought to us by iView Multimedia Limited in London. You can download the latest version easily at: http://www.scriptsoftware.com.

MVP: Macromedia DREAMWEAVER takes the cake in web development for 1999. Improving and expanding capabilities, Dream templates, and refined code, Macromedia has moved the graphical interface web authoring arena up a new level. While Adobe falters behind with warmed over GoLive, Macromedia zooms ahead with java scripting, CSS, and database connectivity that actually works for a change. It's so good, BBEdit supports it, where BBEdit 5.5 now incudes a "GoLive" cleaner command along with it's well known PageMill cleaner. http://www.macromedia.com/

Type In Use Second Edition actually should be called the "Most Valuable Book of all times" for all graphic designers and publishers, whether desktop or not. This essential bible on presenting information and content through the use of typography is required reading for anyone who wants to create superior communications. "I simply cannot recommend it strongly enough!" Fred Showker, Editor, DT&G Magazine.

John Odam's Start With a Digital Camera: This Guide to Using Digital Photography to Create High-Quality Graphics, is by far the most recommended book for the digital photo revolution. For beginner to intermediate Digibugs two thumbs up for this BEST BOOK for 1999. See our review and full details.

BEST Awards in Design, Type, Graphics, DTP Publishing1999 Editor's Choice: The Corel WOW Book: Linnea Dayton, Shane Hunt and Sharon Steuer have authored a landmark volume for an entire decade of high powered graphic artists using the mose underrated program of all times, Corel Draw. While the world is barraged by the Adobe marketing machine CorelDraw has quietly been growing features to match or rival Photoshop. Now this book gives an entire generation of Corel users their own WOW! Bravo!
"WOW" says Fred Showker, Editor of DT&G Magazine, "the first really fresh and power-packing graphics tutorials I've seen in some time!"

MVP: Rubberball Black & White:
Our "BEST" photography disk of 1999 is the wonderful collection of black and white images from Rubberball
__ What struck us as so fantastic is the image quality and sensitivity of these images. Even the standard (rather boring) shots of family and regular people are captured with a master's touch of light, dark and personality.
"For real graphic impact..." says Fred Showker, Editor of DT&G Magazine, "the world over saturated with sloppy color, you'll make a refreshing graphic statement with such striking black and white images as these."

Web Pages That Suck... kick-butt book from Vincent Flanders and Michael Willis
Alien Skin XENOFEX - the ultimate new Photoshop effects plug-in
Auto F/X - PhotoGraphic Edges v4
NIKON Coolpix 900s - digital camera system
Century Soft "ClockWork" - PIM for the Macintosh
Inside Photoshop 5 - Gary David Bouton's masterpiece book on PS5

1997 BEST
Inside Photoshop 4, Limited Edition - New Riders (PS)
The BE Developer's Guide - O'Reilly (DT&G)
The Illustrator 7 Bible - IDG Books (DT&G)
The Photo CD Companion - Eastman Kodak (PS)
Pricing Guide for Web Services - Brenner Publications (WDR)
ACE Photography Index - ACECamera Web Services (WDR)
Blade Pro - (Shareware) Kagi Software (PS)
Electronic Clipper - Dynamic Graphics (DT&G)
ImageVice - BoxTop Software Inc. (WDR)
MasterClips Art Collection - IMSI Software (DT&G)
MovieWorks Interactive - Interactive Solutions (DT&G)
OneClick - WestCode Software (DT&G)
Photo/Graphic Edges - Auto F/X (PS)
SOHOMaster - New Perspective Software (DT&G)
The Central Stock Starter Kit Vol. 1 - Central Stock (PS)
The Master Series - Rushford & Ross, L.C. (DT&G)
Visual Page - Symantec (WDR)
Web Art and Design CD-ROM - Indigo Storm Designs (WDR)
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