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The Bible for Illustrator users...

Illustrator 7 Bible

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Bk&Cd-Rom Edition , Paperback, 848 pages, IDG Books Worldwide, July 1997, ISBN: 0764540270

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Although Ted Alspach's Illustrator 7 Bible could not answer some of the problems in this new version of Adobe Illustrator, none of the other books we've reviewed could either. Ted's monumental work gives you the full insight into the powerful capabilities of Illustrator, and we rate it king of the mountain! Our reviewers liked Ted's manner, and organization of this work... "It's not pretty, but it is the ultimate workhorse of the Illustrator world."
__ The Illustrator Bible is an all-in-one reference guide to Illustrator and touches on virtually every phase of the program including filters, fonts, formats, printing, and more. The CD-ROM includes Extensis Vector Frame and more than 100 QuickTime tutorials, and fonts. You can create expert illustrations, logos and graphics with the 'Bible' in your hand, and we feel it is the most comprehensive authority on all Illustrator subjects, anywhere.
__ Don't get us wrong, but much of the work (probably 60% or more) is recycled from previous versions of Photoshop. After all, the changes in the new version were so slight, you could scarcely write 100 pages about it. We recommend you cart this 2-inch-thick monster down to the local Kinkos and have it drilled for a 10-inch binder, and have the spine shaved off. Once in the binder you can lay it flat, or even pull out sections to use separately.
__ Considering the fifty-buck price tag, IDG could easily afford to put these stacks of paper in binders. The same goes for McClelland's Photoshop, and Wodaski's Web Graphics Bible.
__ The Illustrator 7 Bible is a killer. If you use Illustrator this is one of only two books you need to buy. (The other one being Sharon Steuers' Illustrator WOW book!)

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