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1997 Best Award

If youíre a photographer (even a home hobby shutter-bug)
ACE is the Photographers' Place!

ACE is a Gateway to those who make life easier for amateur and professional photographers, with more than 500 camera stores, mail order and specialty houses, dealers specializing in used equipment, custom photo labs and service bureaus, service and repair for cameras & camcorders, and the manufacturers of photographic products. Think of ACE as the ultimate jump station for picture taking, and cameras.

__ But thatís not why we really liked it. There are many areas of content where you can find whatever you need in the imaging field. Ace has more than 90 online photo magazines from around the world, an online message forum for questions about photographic technique or information about photo or digital imaging equipment.
__ Ace is a site thatís easy to use too. Navigation is easy, and everything seems to be well organized and well laid out. Our only complaint is that darn black background! (Didnít Ace know that 3 out of 10 adult males cannot see blue on black???)
__ We also have to do a bit of flag waving here, as well, because the site is not stippled with rude banner ads. Although it is a marketing site (charging a small fee to be listed) they do not SPAM you with animations or ad banners like most of the other jump sites.
__ Ace is tastefully done, and for the broad depth of information available there, it certainly does a nice job of serving both the resident clients, and anyone on the web who needs solid, easy access to the world of photography and photographic equipment.
Ace gets the gold for jump sites! --

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