(View the interface in a separate browser window... beware it's 31 K!) 1997 Best AwardSome products these days sell upgrades but when you get the new version you're hard pressed to figure out what you actually paid for. Not so with Photo/Graphic Edges 4.0 from the Auto F/X Corporation. Version 4 is really a lot more than just an upgrade from Version 3.0.

.. You've heard us talk about Photo Graphic Edges before. There's little magic in creating a unique edge directly in your image editing software. It just takes dozens of steps and a ton of trial and error. Auto F/X has not only streamlined the process but has provided hundreds of edges, coupled them with unlimited modification, and added in techniques such as shadows, bevels, sepia and a whole list of edge enhancements. You now enhance your images with their classic edges, but they've also rolled in a brilliant collection of special effects that can make your images truly unique.
... They've also added some creature comforts... like the larger preview window, and speedier sampling -- up to 10 times faster! That's a real treat once you start playing with the real-time rotation, placement and scale tools.
... With each image you can add: Light, Bevel, Carve, Glow, Burn, Grain, Distortion, Glow, Mezzotint and Sepia effects. Then you can add texture mattes from a collection of wonderful textures both full and repeating -- over 1000 of them!

... Then you can utilize any of 210 Lighting tiles! Now if that weren't enough, now go back in and consider you can do it all plus load additional edges into the same image for multiple edges! It's awesome!
__ A nice feature is unlimited undos/redos, and the ability to save and load effect preset files for consistency.
__ The Effect Log and Undo button adds a new level of control to your effect creation. Each time you add an effect, the settings are saved in the Effect Log. The Effect Log gives you the power to turn any effect on or off at anytime. Perhaps that Bevel doesn't look so good with the Glow after all - simply go into the Effect Log and turn the Glow off. It's that simple! The Revert button on the Effect Log allows you to quickly remove all of the effects from your image in one easy click.
__ If you deal with lots of photos, or have a wide array of different clients you should get PhotoGraphic Edges. In some situations you will possibly pay for the purchase in the very first project purely on the time savings.
__ Photo/Graphic Edges are very hot. Get them direct from http://www.autofx.com, for $179.00 per volume. Auto F/X is in Anton Bay, NH

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