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The Auto F/X company has been doing some striking works in the field of Photoshop Plug-ins these days. You've known about them for some time and eventhough we've done many articles about photo edges, along with tutorials on creating your own unique masks, we have to admit that Auto F/X Photo Edges is a stand-out product!
__ Photo/Graphic Edges lets you create unique edge effects from potentially thousands (probably millions) of different looks. It works very quickly, and offers all the tools you need from a single interface window. (Although over decorated! Why didn't they give us more preview, and less schmata???)
1997 Best Award__ Many of the canned effects (on the CD) are simply stunning, and can be used as is. We pull the plug-in up, select an edge and hit "Apply" and get an exciting visual every time. However once you begin combining the effects, and tweaking the offset and inset controls you quickly discover that the possibilities are limitless. Another nice feature is that you don't have to load dozens of megabytes of templates onto your hard drive. Simply insert the CD and pull the effects right into your program. (Take a look at the Auto F/X Photographic Edges Interface)
__ There are three volumes, Traditional, Geometric, and Artistic, and all three include hundreds of templates, each modifiable in hundreds of ways. Note that the effects work with ANY image that has solid boundaries, so you can include clip art, illustrations, and even labels containing typography.
__ Patti duffy at Auto F/X, tells us their new product WebVice which is promising some awsome capabilities for web image compression and even animation directly out of Photoshop! So, we'll be looking forward to getting a peek at that as well.
__ Photo/Graphic Edges are very hot. Get them direct from http://www.autofx.com, for $179.00 per volume. Auto F/X is in Anton Bay, NH, at 603-875-4400.

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