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1997 Best AwardBladePro is a wonderful new shareware plug-in for Photoshop that does a lot of steps for you in building 3-D-look graphics. Itís wonderful capabilities make typography like the examples here so effortless that we can forget about Dimensions or other stand-alone 3-D programs.
__ This is not to say that Blade is a replacement for rendering or 3-D modeling programs, itís not. But the type effects you can create are stunning. It was also used for our ďBest GoldĒ logo back on page 2, and in DT&G.
__ The neat thing about Blade is that you can stick a texture right on the creation, and it looks great. I really liked the easy-to-use secondary lighting control. (Note the green glow on the letters above.) This in itself is worth itís weight in ....


__ The effects can be subtle or stark, raised or sunken. There are several kinds of bevels, textures, and mirrorlike reflections, and controls for light, gloss, iridescence, tarnish, glassiness, and more. Itís a timesaving way to make touchable-looking text, web buttons, and special effects. It works equally well for type or clip art.
__ BladePro is a plug-in filter that works with popular paint programs like Photoshop, Color-It, Enhance, and Fractal Design Painter.
__ You can download BladePro from the Kagi web site, but please folks... once youíve recovered from the awesome stuff this little plug-in does, please pay your shareware! Kagi Software, Berkeley CA (510) 601-5244

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