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A CD-Rom Handbook
for the Pros!

Kodak Photo CD Companion The Photo CD Companion workbook,
by Brian P. Lawler, is one of those books that everyone involved with digital photographs should have next to them at all times.
__ This 88-page, full-color book is designed very nicely and is packed with the essential information to guide digital artists, photographers and designers in the production of images for the printed page. If you've ever struggled with Photo CD images as source material, you'll recognize this book's importance right away. But it's not exclusively Kodak. All of the lessons are useful for ALL digital images.

Do you use Photo CD?

__ The book covers the most frequent imaging problems, and provides useful tips on the handling of images destined for the printed page. Diagrams, and visual examples are its strong suite. Essential topics include: setting up your monitor, resolution calculations, color adjustment, banding, black and white conversions, CMYK, managing dot gain, unsharp masking, and a whole pile of others including resolution sizes and reproduction charts.
__ We realize you could get all this from Inside Photoshop 4 (another award winner,) or Deke McClelland's Photoshop Bible, but this small, desktop sized guide is a jewell because it's easy to use, color on every page, and doesn't weigh 20 pounds. It also cuts to the chase and gives you the help you need very quickly. The included CD-ROM contains images and software to use in conjunction with the exercises in the book -- a full-fledged digital imaging course in itself. (Take a look at an actual spread from the book!)
__ Brian Lawler is digital expert, author and contributor to Pre, MacUSER, MacWEEK and other publications, and the book is published by Eastman Kodak Company. We think the $49.95 price tag is worth it for the professional. The size is nice, and it can lay flat or fold back for use. Very nice indeed. You also get a copy of the Kodak Photo CD Acquire 3.02, along (continues) with four Photo CD to CMYK precision transforms for converting images for the printed page.
__ It's Macintosh and Windows compatible and available via (credit card secure) http://www.callamer.com/bplawler/ -- fax: (805) 544-8445, or the author: Brian P. Lawler. (Special price to User Group members is US$30.00 plus postage! So, get your group registered at: http://www.user-groups.net/UGCommunity/)

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