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1997 Gold - Central Stock Photography

The new royalty-free image collection from Central Stock, brings exceptional photographic images from seven independent publishers around the world. This collection has to be seen to be appreciated.
__ The Central Stock Starter Kit Vol. 1 is hopefully the first in a long list of products from this quality-minded company, and comes with its own lavishly illustrated, 160-page image catalog and CD browser. This kit represents 32 high-res image volumes from the Central Stock Collection. Starter Kit Vol. 2 has already hit the streets, and has more than doubled the collection.
1997 Gold - Central Stock Photography__ Agfa reports that Central Stock is the photo equivalent of their Creative Alliance exclusive typeface collection, which speaks highly of the product from the starting line.
The seven publishers contributing to the Central Stock collection are: Creativ Collection, Classic PIO Partners, RubberBall Productions, takeStock Inc., Transmission Digital Publishing, Vivid Details, and Visual Language. The 32 volumes in the Central Stock collection provide creatives with a wide range of image themes-unusual backgrounds like old paint, rustic wood, leathers, and retro fabrics; classic objects from today and yesteryear; faces and people in the most intriguing of poses; 16th century maps and motifs with stunning detail; and urban and nature images to illustrate any mood or concept. This group brings you "no-compromise, fiercely independent images that rival or surpass traditional stock photography."
__ The 160-page printed catalog displays images up to 3x4" in size, rather than the chintzy thumbnails provided by others.
__ The Central Stock Starter Kit sells for $39.95, and contains the printed catalog, a CD browser with comp quality images, and 7 bonus high-res images. All images are drum scanned, and ready for use at 300dpi or greater, and are up to 40MB in size. All images of people are model released for hassle-free use -- both Mac and Windows95/NT compatible.
Bravo! Central gets our Stock Photography Editor's Choice this year.
Central Stock is available direct from Agfa by calling 1-800-424-TYPE.

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