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ClockWork from Century Software is a networkable day planner with an elegant user interface and support for a wide range of Apple technologies. It offers Mac users unique features such as voice annotations, Text-to-Speech support, Auto-Power-On for PowerMacs, automatic calculation of international holidays and tight integration with Newton devices.
. . . Another key benefit for the computing professional are ClockWork's simple, yet flexible networking capabilities. Your team can share events on the network, with all changes to shared events automatically updated in all calendars of the workgroup.
. . . Clockwork features Daily, weekly, monthly, list view, with a customizable user interface. Select colors, layouts and styled text. ClockWork also allows user definable categories -- a nice feature for custom applications.
. . . You can print to your favorite day planner paper formats, and even interface with Newton technologies. For road warriers synchronizing files with PowerBook is easy as is direct synchronization with Newton. If you use any of the major day planners you can Import and export to those as well
ClockWork supports Publish and subscribe (shared schedules for workgroups), AppleScript (scriptable, recordable and attachable), WorldScript and a list of other Apple supported Technologies. It easily allows Text to Speech and Sound Manager access for voice annotations.
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. . . ClockWork also displays alarms even if the application is not running, and can auto-power-on your PowerMac. The Finder menu shows you today's events and to-dos.
. . . ClockWork is a completely electronic product. Users can download the fully functional version, and evaluate the software for 30 days. (After that period, ClockWork asks for a serial number). Serial Numbers can be purchased directly from Century via secure credit card transactions or by fax order. Single users pay $49, and site licenses are available for 10 users and up.

Century Software http://www.centsoft.com

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