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The "MasterClips" collection (on 15 CDs) is bigger than life and boasts "Millions Sold -- Premium Images, Exclusive Art" and so forth. We decided to take a very close look, and as it turns out, we liked what we saw.

__ This blockbuster collection is probably the highest value to dollar ratio in the industry, and should be the only clip art collection you ever need to purchase. There are several hundred categories spanning several different file formats from vector art to scanned, high-res tiffs and jpg files. A nice collection (tens-of-thousands) of stock photography images, several hundred photo objects, and a respectable collection of 3-D images.
__ All of the vector art (87,000) are printed nicely in a heavy book for off-line browsing. All images are included in an online browsing facility which makes lookups a snap. The package we delved into is their Windows product, but there's also a Mac product that we'll be looking at in future issues. Interestingly enough we could access most of the art from the Macs simply by popping the CD in the drive!
__ IMSI is a strong company with good wares. They have been around for years, with other products such as Corel 3-D Modeler, and Turbo Cad. They've just recently purchased HiJackPro, as mentioned in this month's goodies column. MasterClips is a solid package offering a lot of value for publishers of all kinds. http://www.imsisoft.com/
MasterClips gets the 1997 DT&G Award for Clip Art Collections.

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