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Jacqueline D. Hamilton has done what many jack-leg web developers and artists only hope to do. Her Indigo Storm Designs Web Art CD-ROM is the best web templates package we've seen to date. Even for the professional, there comes a time when you just donít want to turn a client away, yet their budget doesnít have enough for custom art -- Indigo to the rescue.
__ This CD-ROM contains hundreds of brand new, royalty-free images. And, when we say original we mean it. This is NOT stuff you'd download, nor is it a mish-mash cd of thousands of grade-b art like so many of the clip art companies have come out with. (See the December "Clip Art feature" in DT&G.) This is thoroughly professional art for your web page development.
__ The most valuable feature of this CD is Jacqueline's Design Guide. We've seen several of these on other CDs, and websites, but Jaqui cuts to the most popular web page layouts and designs on the web, then supplies you with the design templates and sample pages to make it happen. So, if youíre not a professional designer or graphic artist, you can still have a highly polished, professional web site.
__ Her foliage collection is second to none, in fact, we know of one designer who has already used one of Jaqui's foliage layouts for a professional web site!
__ All the artwork and html code is already done for you from a collection of business, and personal web layouts. Piles of buttons, header art, bars and background tiles are supplied to customize the layouts.
__ This is an excellent resource for anyone who designs web pages, whether you're a pro or a bedroom page crafter. For $49 you really can't go wrong.
Web Art and Design CD-ROM, volume 1 -- SRP $49.95. Indigo Storm Designs e-mail: to kira@metronet.com

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