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A collector's item...

Inside Photoshop 4

Usual retail: $55.00
Design Center Price: $44.00
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Paperback, 1134 pages, New Riders Publishing, 1997
Dimensions (in inches): 9.45 x 7.63 x 2.18, ISBN: 1562058002

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Gary David Bouton and Barbara Bouton along with a list of New Riders Publishing Photoshop contributors, have brought forth the ultimate Photoshop book. Inside Adobe Photoshop 4, Limited Edition is truly a monumental work, and a collectors edition rolled into one.
With fierce competition in the Photoshop Book market one could easily spend several hundred dollars on books and still not get what Inside brings you. The hard-bound edition is simply stunning.
__ While comparing several dozen Photoshop books, we researched the questions from our readers in each of the books. This one consistently gave us the most lucid and most helpful answers to various questions. Some of the questions were not even covered in the other books, and some of the most simple questions took page after page in McClelland's 'Bible' -- where Bouton gives us elegant, straight to the point answers.
Inside Photoshop 4 has 1,134 pages, and comes with two CD-Roms loaded with software -- making it an easy value over the other big books which are just a few dollars less.
__ Best of all, Inside teaches Photoshop's capabilities through easy-to-follow exercises. The CD-ROMs are not only loaded with original, exclusive backgrounds, images, textures, and fonts, but virtually every example in the book. These take the form of tutorials with step-by-step instructions on each lesson. The detailed explanations also answer "why" as well as "how." The materials on the CD-ROM also have a higher ratio of new-to-recycled freebies too.
__ If you plan to buy a Photoshop book, buy this one. It's by far the best all-in-one Photoshop book on the market.

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