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Master Series We call this
“High Art”

For the designer or publisher who's tastes run to the high end, we give a resounding endorsement for the awesome art collection called Master Series. This company has brought together some of the most talented artists in the world to produce one-of-a-kind works of art you won't find in any bulk clip art collection. These are the images you see decorating the pages of Psychology Today, or adorning the covers of Fortune 500 corporate annual reports -- luscious, inviting, and incomparable.
__ Magazines will love them for their editorial use... many of the images and scenarios are ideal to match with current news and editorial topics. Many of them cry out for copy to go along with them! I want to sit down and write articles just so I can put type to the art!
__ We cannot present the scope of Master Series collection here... it is impossible.

__ The quality and diversity of these images is staggering. Many are natural media paintings or pastel renderings, scanned in high resolution. Others are carefully vectored eps files. Topics range from fantasy to serious business with money, sports, love and animals mixed in. Almost every illustration could be used for numerous editorial or advertising topics. They're all compelling, and many would even be suitable for large-format printing for framing. They're that good.

__ There are 12 libraries, each selling for $299, with a slight discount for 3 or more packages. There are strings attached too. If you plan to use the images on garments, greeting cards or book/video jackets, you'll have to ante up another licensing fee. However, used in the spirit of their creation, you could easily pay for a collection in one use.
__ We've seen (even purchased) work from illustrators ranging from $1,500 to $4,800 and still not rival these images. Yes, it is expensive. Yet, you know the same art won't be turning up at every Tom, Dick, Harry, run-of-the-mill, corner DTP shop. Those people just don't buy this kind of art.
Master Series
Note how well the art adapts to a theme... here we merely had to add a little type to have a great anchor illustration!
__ If you want a good jolt into the next level of art, or if you've already attained the sophistication of the art director or creative director league, then send your $19.95 to take a look at their Master Series Starter Kit. This will include complete catalogs and a full CD of low-resolution samples of the images. Call MasterSeries and request a catalog today: 800-641-1803, or browse their online catalog facility at: http://www.masterseries.com/. You'll be glad you did.
Master Series gets the 1997 DT&G Award for High-End Art.

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