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MovieWorks InteractiveFun with

Interactive Solutions, thought we were going to review their MovieWorks Interactive 4 as a professional multimedia authoring program.

They thought we would be excited about group of Macintosh software applications which work together to easily create multimedia stories, presentations, education and entertainment. Little did they know we would give it such high marks because it's fun.
__ Yup. Fun. MovieWorks is not only a robust, professional MM authoring package, it's fun, and it's easy to use. This makes it ideal for parents, schools, educators, and even in-house business departments -- in short -- anyone who wants/needs to communicate to an audience.
__ MovieWorks includes a video editor, a 16-bit sound editor, a 24-bit paint program, a 2D animation program and an authoring tool. Scenes created in MovieWorks are saved in the QuickTime movie format providing for consistent, high-quality playback on computers equipped with the MacOS or Windows, and even over the Internet.

What did we like best?
__ MovieWorks 4.0 does not require rendering. Each object in a scene is saved as an independent QuickTime track (Text, Video/Picture, Sound, MIDI, Sprite, 3D or MPEG), and transitions are applied in real-time using QuickTime's Modifier track. For scenes where rendering is preferred (i.e. anti-aliased text over video), you can simply flip a switch and render the objects together. This dramatically speeds up the process of authoring your multimedia project, unlike some of the other packages that take tons of muscle, and lots of time.
__ MovieWorks 4.0 CD-ROM ships with over 400 megabytes of clip media, including QuickTime movies and pictures. Additionally you get a variety of frames, backgrounds, and buttons; and numerous other movies, pictures, music, MIDI, Sprite and 3D files.
MovieWorks Interactive 4.0 -- Interactive Solutions -- 1-800-668-4353 http://www.movieworks.com In October they were running a $49.95 intro special... if that's over, it's still a steal at $129.95 (SRP) It's our Editors Choice because it also happens to be fun!
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