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OneClick from Westcode.

Guy Kawasaki said:
"What can you do
with one click?"

OneClick from Westcode Software is the power-user's dream come true. For years you've heard me promote all of the wonderful things you can do with QuicKeys the macro program originally from CE Software. Without taking a single hair of credit away from QuicKeys, along comes OneClick with a fabulous software package for automating your computer activities.
__ This enhancement utility will save you countless minutes by simplifying common tasks and automating repetitive actions on Macintosh. The great advantage here is that you can easily add and modify the program... even on the fly. For instance, you can add the current application to the OneClick launch strip with a simple click-and-hold on the launch strip's target button, then choose "Add Application:" from the pop-up. Suddenly you've got a new button for that added to your launch strip. [ See palettes and Launch Strip ]
__ What's a 'launch strip'? Think of it as the 'Launcher' on steroids. Here are tiny icons representing programs or documents. Click and launch. Easy.
__ The other nice thing about OneClick is that Westcode is building a huge repository of user-contributed plug-ins and enhancements at their website.
__ OneClick is built around palettes. Each of your programs can have its own custom button bar. You can standardize many tasks and not have to memorize so many keyboard commands. It's also widely customizable -- add your own button bars and match the way you like to work. You can also take advantage of OneClick's on-board scripting language to create unlimited actions and series of steps. You can even record actions.
__ OneClick seems to work with all Mac compatible software and comes with lots of preconfigured button bars for most of the popular programs including Photoshop, Quark XPress, PageMaker, Illustrator and many others.
OneClick will thrill you with capabilities that are as easy as clicking. OneClick is from WestCode Software, San Diego, CA, 800-448-4250, http://www.westcodesoft.com/

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