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SOHOMaster New Perspective.

Mastering SOHO

SOHO Master from New Perspective Software is the software package we've been recommending people build for themselves! Yup, when artists, designers, printers, and sign shops ask about those proprietary software packages for billing and business management we usually recommend buying an off-the-shelf product like FileMaker Pro and build it themselves. Itís a low-cost, customizable solution.
__ SOHOMaster now takes away the tedium of building your own. Using the popular Claris FileMaker Pro (Mac or PC) database engine, SOHO is an impressive business brain for all your purchasing, invoicing, inventory updating, shipping and contact management needs.
__ From within SOHOMaster you can do your invoicing, prospecting and all duties of customer, and distributor tracking. For the retailer, real-time inventory control is a must, and the automatic purchase order generation is built to be based on back ordered invoices, minimum stocking level, and quantities already on order. For the manufacturer, multi-tier price breaks are supported and you can build, schedule and inventory components for assembled products!
__ There are 40 sophisticated and comprehensive reports available and you even get quote generation that converts to invoicing once the job is approved and delivered. Built in is a complete referral tracking and customer contacts, payments and ship-to locations database that generates correspondence, envelopes, labels, and mailing lists.
__ SOHOMaster is cross-platform networkable (Macintosh/Windows) which means it supports single user or multi-user cross platform networks. You can add features like credit card authorization, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and cash drawerIt.
__ SOHOMaster is a wonderful product, and the fact that it runs on FileMaker Pro makes it that much better because you can learn the program, and begin to customize the program, reports, and layouts to suit your own needs. Those of you who purchased our "SecretaryWorks" and/or "StudioWorks" (based on the popular "works" programs) back in the '80s will really appreciate this product. And, if you're in business, you really need to check this out.
__ SOHOMaster gets the DT&G Editors Choice for small business management.
SOHOMaster -- $249.95 New Perspective Software, Flagstaff, AZ.
http://www.newperspective.com/ 888-522-8334
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