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These multiple-choice questions require you to select the 'most' correct answer for the question, even though sometimes multiple answers will be correct. There are 100 possible points, 2-each for 50 questions. Two of the questions have NO correct answer, and one question is purely subjective, so if you get all the others WRONG, you will score at least 6 points. Still not enough to pass.

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Any self-respecting graphic designer should answer ALL of the following correctly.

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01 The best way to approach any visual arts project is

02 Broadening your creative visual skills is facilitated by

03 JPG and Tif file formats should be used for

04 GIF file format should be used for

05 Photoshop is best suited for

06 Illustrator is best suited for

07 Quark XPress is best suited for

08 When preparing a file for litho or full color printing

09 For healthy computing you should remember to

10 The designers' supreme obligation is to

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