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In last month's article, Endless possibilities with fractals, we looked at just a few of the wonderful advantages of fractals. Now, we'll explore how a designer can put fractals to work...

Using a Fractal Effectively in Your Design

By Pam Blackstone, Fractallicious.com

In our two previous articles, we looked at what fractals are and how they're made, along with the benefits they offer you as a designer. Now, we'll be exploring how to incorporate them effectively into your design.

Fractals offer unique possibilities for graphic design useFractals offer unique possibilities for graphic design use. They have great application in print materials, web design, book and magazine illustration, product packaging, fabric and textile design, industrial design, merchandising, and more. They can be used at any size, but they are best output at dimensions where their innate detail can be seen and appreciated. This makes them especially suited for large format layouts, such as posters, signage, or book covers.

When using a fractal as a design centerpiece, let the image speak for itself. Fractal designs can be busy, and it's generally not a good idea to place type directly on the graphic. Place it above, below, or beside the image, like a caption, as in the example above. If you must place type on a fractal, look for an empty part of the design or place the type against a screened back bounding box.

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