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The Obsessive Images of Seymour Chwast

Seymour Chwast There are a few people left in the world who actually shaped the evolvement of graphic design and illustration, and Seymour Chwast is one of those people. I, for one, was greatly influenced by his works in the 1960s and early 1970s. Now you can learn and discover this remarkable visual communicator through The Obsessive Images of Seymour Chwast

Total Immersion: Next big technology?

Fred is amazed by the new technology from the Total Immersion company that puts a virtual spin on tangible consumer goods. The possibilities are unlimited, and all it takes is some ingenuity and a desire to learn the trade to get into this up and comimg new wave! Total Immersion: Next big technology

Picasa & GraphicsConverter Photoshop Replacements

George Engel looks at Picasa and GraphicsConverter Photoshop Replacements So you think you cannot afford Photoshop? Well, George has some good news for you, as well as anyone trying to sneak into the image editing field. Both Picasa and GraphicsConverter are considered good replacements for Photoshop, and George shows you just a few reasons for Mac users to see Picasa & GraphicsConverter

Free Image Editors and Photoshop Look-alikes

Following George's story on inexpensive replacements for Photoshop, I thought I would take a look at what's available on line and discovered : Artweaver from Boris Eyrich, Germany, Picnik, Pixlr, Aviary, PhotoPlus 9 -- each with many of the same features you find in Photoshop. Everyone should check out these free online image editors

PORTFOLIO: What's yours is NOT theirs

Susan Kirkland Noted author Susan Kirkland often gets email from somebody who's being hassled by a previous client or employer. They are demanding that some piece of artwork be removed from the designer's website because it was done either as an employee, a work for hire or just because they think they can make the demand. This article clears up who owns what and how to handle those requests.

Do Good Design

Do Good Design: How Designers Can Change the World here's a provocative book that explains why the largest crises we are facing today have design at their core. Author, David B. Berman says: Design Can Change is an initiative that helps designers make the environment a bigger priority while uncovering ways to combat climate change... so, Do Good Design

The ultimate plug-in suite for Photoshop

onOne Plug-In Suite 4 for Adobe Photoshop For Photoshop users weary of finding, downloading, installing and trying the myriad of plug-ins out there on the streets -- onOne has provided a solution. Now, one plug-in set does the professional job, and does it all: onOne Plug-in Suite 4

Writing future history

Fred Showker talks about future history and notes a remarkable new publication called MEMOIR (AND) from a nonprofit literary organization dedicated to memoir in many forms - prose, poetry, narrative photography and graphic memoirs -- which in turn Writes Future History

Ten Characteristics of a Logo That Endures

designing Logos Following our Design series, we visit noted logo designer, Jack Gernsheimer, and share some essential lessons from his latest book Designing Logos: The Process of Creating Symbols That Endure and learn the check list that designers should follow -- Ten Characteristics of a Logo That Endures

Design Disasters

Steven Heller - Design DisastersWe've all had them. We all hate them. We all try very hard to avoid them. But design disasters do happen. Steven Heller writes: "Embrace failures as endemic to the design process, learn from them and enjoy them"... and that's exactly what we do in this look at Design Disasters: Great Designers, Fabulous Failures, and Lessons Learned

Templates for Profit

Fred Showker Whether you're a new designer, or a new freelancer, you need some basic starting points to answer the questions. The 'old guard' of the design profession shuns pre-designed templates. But I don't shun them when they can turn a $20 per hour profit into an $85 per hour profit! Hey, you might want to think again about Templates for Profit

Design Projects: Easier? Profitable?ideas plus free book

Chuck Green The idea is simple. Modifying a well-designed template is far easier and more profitable than starting from scratch. With the professionally designed templates, you tap the talents of designer and author Chuck Green. He has researched, designed, and meticulously formatted over 300 extraordinary layouts in a clean, simple style that it easy to build on. Instead of spending 15 minutes to create a simple layout, you'll spend 15 seconds. For complex projects -- books, newsletters, catalogs, reports -- you'll save HOURS.

Photoshop Picture Packages with InDesign?

Free Tutorial - don't use Photoshop for those picture packages, use Adobe InDesign Speaking of templates -- a subscriber in the Design Cafe asked how to make creative picture packages. He sent along a sample -- and was expecting us to show how to do it in Photoshop! Here's a free tutorial on making creative photo montages you can sell to your clients. But it's a lot easier using Adobe InDesign rather than Photoshop!

What is design?

design, graphic design, definitions All over the web, new bloogers are asking the question "what is design" and pontificating about how they interpret the word. It's an illusive word, yet means something very solid and stable. But with all the interpretations of the word "design" it still means what it always has. And now there's a new way of looking at the definition of any word ... visually!

Green Graphic Design

Green  Graphic Design In today's world, the phrase "going green" has its own meaning to graphic designers, publicist, marketers, package designers, and publishers. Here is the most up-to-date training manual for every graphic designer who wants to be true to the client, the environment, and above all, themselves! Brian Dougherty presents Green Graphic Design

Designing Folds to Tell the Story

graphic designers meet challenges in print publication design when the budget is tight but the story is compelling These days, fund raising is tough enough -- but in this 2-page case study, Fred presents the challenges and solutions for a nonprofit campaign with a compelling story, a rigid deadline, and a very tight budget! The design and the paper itself needed to work harder. The perfect solutions turned out to be single sheets of paper folded into creative folds that tell the story effectively

Find the right photo in the stock photo jungle

Finding the right photo Speaking of challenges inherent in publication design -- when you need a specific photo for a specific project -- what do you do? A good photo is worth its weight in gold, but should you have to put up with the misery in the stock photography jungle out there? We had too many happy faces for a project and needed some sad ones -- so we discovered the Bright Qube

Sales Boost for Creative Professionals

Sales Boost for Creative Professionals These days you would think freelancers, designers, illustrators, photographers and other creative professionals need to get into high gear marketing themselves. But instead of searching for that elusive "magic wand" to bring a sudden influx of projects, listen to some sage advice from Mark Dollan , Founder/CEO of Creative Briefcase, that will help boost sales for creative pros

Graffiti Feast

Graffiti - Bay Area Graffiti There's more ink in this book than there is paper -- every time I thumb through it I feel like I've gained weight! I've always admired the graffiti artist's works in and around the bay area -- now photographer Steve Rotman has captured the very essence of the San Francisco graffiti culture -- and I guarantee you will add a few thousand brain cells, but won't gain a single calorie from Bay Area Graffiti eye-candy feast

Sending invoices made easy

For the small business or consulting firm, Involer is a simple, easy to use invoicing application for Mac OS X where you can create, print, export and track the status of your invoices within a single, easy to use interface. With Involer, you can be up and running with your company in just a few seconds, and sending invoices in minutes. Easy invoicing for business

Fonts in InDesign made Easy

One of the dreads of InDesign users is getting to their fonts. Chris Paveglio has possibly solved at least some of the woes with his new InDesign Font Catalog. InDesign users should check this out. Adobe InDesign Font Catalog

InDesign and QuarkXPress Catalog Automating

AutoPrice for Adobe InDesign CS4 and QuarkXPress on both the Macintosh and PC platforms is a powerful yet easy-to-use plug-in module that streamlines the updating of prices and similar information in InDesign and Quark documents. Adobe InDesign Auto pricing

Clean up those links in InDesign workflows...

LinkOptimizer is a workflow automation solution to optimize link size and resolution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer allows to reduce the size of InDesign jobs and increase the processing speed by eliminating excessive image data. Adobe InDesign LinkOptimizer

Logo Design: Pepsi vs. Obama

Logo Pepsi Obama Driven by the strange allure of blog discussions all over the web about the new Pepsi logo and if it is similar to Obama's campaign logo, we look at what a logo really is, and ask the obvious, but overlooked question: How long have they been putting things in circles for logos?

Logo Design according to Paul Rand

Paul RandOriginally published in 1991 by AIGA, the professional association for design, icon of the design industry Paul Rand shares his wisdom: A well designed logo, in the end, is a reflection of the business it symbolizes. It connotes a thoughtful and purposeful enterprise, and mirrors the quality of its products and services. It is good public relations -- a harbinger of good will. Logo Design according to Paul Rand

Logos look like logos that look like logos

Logos look like logos that look like logos by Fred Showker with all the talk about logos going around the internet, Fred places his tongue firmly in cheek and takes a loving look at logo look-a-likes, logo spoofs, logos that look like logos, logo rip-offs, and even has the audacity to preview his own new logo concept... logos that look like logos?

InPreflight for InDesign

- InPreflight for InDesign If you do desktop publishing, you've probably discovered the problems getting files to the printer. Zevrix Solutions has rolled out InPreflight 2.6.3, a maintenance update to its quality control and packaging automation solution for Adobe InDesign. InPreflight for InDesign

TypeTrax for Adobe InDesign

TypeTrax for Adobe InDesign -TypeTrax is a new product for managing design projects created using Adobe Creative Suite. Developed jointly by Insider Software and Moksa, Inc., TypeTrax manages projects, and tracks, organizes and pre-flights project files, including fonts and digital assets. TypeTrax for Adobe InDesign

Photoshop CS4 Review

Adobe Photoshop CS4 George picks up the latest incarnation of Photoshop and shares some of its highs and lows. If you haven't upgraded yet, perhaps you should read this and see if it helps you make up your mind! George reviews Photoshop CS4

Colour My World

Quite unexpected, this article appeared in our mailbox with a note from one "Retired Major Martin" saying "Please publish this." As we read the article, we knew you might enjoy it :
      "... the need for faster and bigger video cards developed into a pixel race game with macho 'whose is bigger' mentalities. Of course, bigger meant more dollars spent." Or, should we call the article "What will the future bring?"

How environments, real and virtual, influence us

Kyle Mueller Is it time to clean up your act? Web Design Specialist Kyle Mueller says yes! "On a web site, color, typography, iconography and other imagery should be considered as carefully as an interior designer considers surfaces, furnishings and art." See how your web environment can affect your bottom line

Business: The Leadership Vacuum

Nick Tassler talks about the future work force What will we lose with the next generation? Nick Tasler, TalentSmart's global research leader takes a look at the future's work force and what exactly constitutes a high quality leader -- but what he finds is a huge gap between Boomers and Millennials in self-management -- which will become The Leadership Vacuum

Business: Another boring PowerPoint? Oh No!

PowerPoint tips and presentation techniques you can learn to improve your presentations It makes you cringe when someone says "watch this powerpoint" because you know it's going to bore you to tears! In these three articles from CIO you'll learn a collection of PowerPoint tips and presentation techniques you can learn to improve your presentations - PowerPoint Tips: Keep Your Audience Awake

What do you need?

These days it's not so easy to get jobs through to finished printing -- but with our templates, you can -- Brochures, Tri Fold Brochures, Newsletters, Business Cards, Letterheads, Postcards, Print Ads, Flyers, Datasheets, Menus, Greeting Cards, Posters, -- and you can select from a great selection of all kinds of professionally designed layouts
Graphic Design templates Layouts for Christmas and the holidays
Graphic Design templates Special iWork / iWeb layouts for Mac users
Graphic Design templates Church and Religious Designs
Graphic Design templates High Tech communications designs
Graphic Design templates Construction, building and contractors
Graphic Design templates Financial Planner Design marketing materials
Graphic Design templates All American Diner, menus and marketing materials
Graphic Design templates Financial Marketing and consulting
Graphic Design templates For Graphic Designers new site layout and subscriptions
Graphic Design templates Home marketing and Real Estate business templates
Graphic Design templates Security Systems, and security professionals marketing
Graphic Design templates Wine Vineyard, food and food service layouts
Graphic Design templates ... and a lot More!

Feature: Cover Design critique, tips and tricks

designing book covers The recent Wiley Design Challenge saw a great collection of cover designs for Al Ward's upcoming Photoshop for Right Brainers book. We see some outstanding Photoshop work -- but are they good book cover designs? This is a critique and a tutorial to teach and illustrate Book Cover Design Tips & Tricks

Creating a Logo Using Serif's PagePlus X3

Serif PagePlus Combining text and graphic capabilities, the PagePlus X3 Logo Studio makes it easy to produce logos and taglines either from scratch, from imported artwork, or by using one of the more than 400 template designs. Dale Cook shows how easy it is to use Logo Studio to create a logo using PagePlus

Graphic ideas for the Holidays

graphic ideas Are you finding yourself a little stretched for time? To get the creative juices flowing, and the projects delivered on time, all you really need is a little script, a little clip art, and a little imagination. Generate some stand-out promotional greetings with these Graphic ideas for the Holidays

Paper Engineering: Design, Cut, Fold, POP

Pop-up, folding, paper engineering Discover the world of Paper Engineering - design, cut, fold, assemble and pop it up into an amazing statement ... here are videos, books and instructional aids to take you from 2-D paper to 3-D WOW! Design cards that Slide, Dangle, Move, flip and pop! 3D Projects that will deliver your message and become Treasures ... also includes some very cool videos illustrating Paper Engineering: Design, Cut, Fold, POP

Artlandia Updates to Adobe CS4

ArtlandiaThe new Adobe Creative Suite is out and Artlandia is not to be left behind: all currently shipping Artlandia plug-ins are compatible with Adobe's newest Creative Suite so you can upgrade to the new CS4 right away and get your creative juices flowing. You'll like what you see at Artlandia

Elements of Shock used in Advertising

article These days, some of the imagery used in advertising leverages human nature to drive home the point. This essay by Alla Babin of Bizi Marketing Solutions builds an in-depth case in favor of -- or against -- the use of certain basic and taboo human needs in advertising. We all know about it, many exploit it, and many strongly object to it. But, does it really work? Will viewers remember the shock or the product; or both?

Reviews: PagePlus power desktop publishing for Windows

George Engel reviews Serif PagePlus DTP software While Macintosh users have 'Pages' to rely on, PC people probably use Microsoft Publisher for a price of around $170 or so. PagePlus X3 beats the pants off of that! But let's join our reviewer George Engel and take a look at just a few of the great things you can do with Serif PagePlus Publishing Suite

The Adobe Type Library Reference Book

GET THISGeorge Engel book review George M Engel has always loved fonts... ever since the beginning of digital fonts. Now, he peeks inside the latest and greatest book for anyone who loves to see and use fonts of all kinds... and it's straight from the fonts people themselves: The Adobe Type Library Reference Book

Letterforms that shaped a generation

Thomas Morris If you ever rocked out at a concert by the Doors, New Riders or Commander Cody in the San Fran bay area back in the day, then you already know Thomas Morris -- he created the concert posters! Today, he's still producing breath-taking graphics and superb typographic creations and we're going to take a little field trip to his studio ... Thomas Morris Design

Do you LOVE fonts? What's in YOUR Fonts list?

WIN prizes It's all happening this month in the DTG Typography Department... Jump right in to the 14th Annual Fonts Festival

Pop-up Cards Magnifici

Pop-up cards Giovanni Russo Grafico is a design firm in Italy who first created in 1992. Although not a new idea, having been practiced in China for centuries, the pop-up postcards method and technique (called Biglietti a Rilievo translated: relief postcards) is so special they were awarded a patent in 1993. Come along and meet Giovanni Russo and discover why we call it Pop-up Cards Magnifici

Book Fonts: what are they, why do we want them

David Bergsland Typography expert David Bergsland talks about book fonts and why their readability, legibility, smooth type color and other characteristics are important to designers. We also show you some samples of David's just-released "Amitale" book font. Follow along as we answer the question What are Book Fonts, why do we need them

Reviews: ImageFramer custom image framing

Image Framer This little gem can save hours and hours. Yes, we've known how to do this in Adobe Photoshop for years. But what ImageFramer does, are dozens of Photoshop steps instantly. Apply photo-realistic frames to digital images, drawings or any original artwork plus watermarks, batch processing with ImageFramer custom image framing

Business: New Product Blueprinting

Product blueprinting Dan Adams says the only way to win in tough times is through organic growth. Companies must consistently come up with differentiated new products customers want to buy--and that means finding clarity in the "fuzzy front end" of the process. New Product Blueprinting

Text on a Path with PagePlus

Serif PagePlus A lot of people think you have to purchase Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress to get all the features available to desktop publishers, but as we discover more and more powers in PagePlus X3 we're beginning to think there's a third choice! In this brief tutorial, we'll show you how simple it is to use PagePlus for Text on a Path

Font & Type Fantasy

Serif Fairy THE SERIF FAIRY has lost her wing, keeping her from performing magic. This is an amazing book for type aficionados and their children created by Rene Siegfried using typography and letter forms exclusively to create the playful illustrations. Then we look at "Hand Job: A Catalog of Type" that focuses on hand lettered typography for those sick and tired of seeing computer type! Two books you'll really like Font & Type Fantasy

Type faces speak to your readers... delivers the visual message

Type, fonts personality the next article in our series on publication design deals with selecting typography, type faces or fonts that evoke the theme, emotion, and personality of the message. All publications are aimed at a specific target readership -- it's the designer's challenge to purvey and reinforce the message to that readership using the best Type faces that speak to your readers

Fractals Part 3 : Using a Fractal Effectively in Your Design

Fractallicious! Fractals can be the graphic designers' best friend! In part 3 of this series, creative digital artist Pam Blackstone talks about the unique possibilities of fractals for print materials, web design, book and magazine illustration, product packaging, fabric and textile design, industrial design, merchandising, and more. These colorful creations can be very effective design solutions

Live Typography in Illustrator Patterns?

Artlandia Live Patterns in Adobe Illustrator Picture this: you've built a great pattern using letters or typography in Illustrator, and the client calls to update the text! OH NO! You'll have to start over. Not if you get plug-in for simultaneous interactive editing of multiple objects in this fantastic new plug-in Artlandia LivePresets for Adobe Illustrator

Text becomes art, photos become text

Artext We told you about ArText several years ago and now Simon Leung of ArText is back with art he specifically created for the 14th Annual Fonts Festival. He's been working on the software and now it offers some awesome new capabilities to use random Freestyle typography when generating art based on your digital photos! Fantastic! See the spectacular workings converting photos to text with Artext

Back to Design School ... online and at home

Do you really have to go to school to learn more about design? Yes, it's best... but the next best thing is self-learning -- and here, Fred recommends the best online video training, training/learning books and even a visual extravaganza to help sharpen your creative edges. Free video tutorials, chapters, advice for those who want to go Back to (Design) School

Newsletters: Graphic Design for Hard Times

Newsletter designor... let design and layout save you from the slump! You may have forgotten -- during economic down-turns, the newsletter is one of the best vehicles for pumping up identity and loyalty in both commercial business and organizations. Here, we look at enhancing the design of a nonprofit newsletter for real impact and results -- first in a series Designing your newsletter

Fractals Part 2 : Infinite Art Equals Infinite Possibilities


Fractals can be the graphic designers' best friend! In part 2 of the series, creative digital artist Pam Blackstone discusses the real design possibilities of using fractals to describe tone, mood, and even image. She also points out why this is such a versatile file format for Infinite Possibilities

Luba Lukova: Social Justice 2008

Luba Lukova Somewhere between Picasso's wood-cut years and German Expressionism, Luba Lukova has carved a deep niche in social graphic design -- one that will not be erased for decades and generations to come. The messages are stark, undeniable, and slam you right between the eyes. If you cannot own it, at least see Social Justice 2008 Luba Lukova

Worldwide Identity, Inspired Design from Forty Countries

World Identity, Inspired Design from Forty Countries There is more to being a designer than using tools to re-form and regurgitate our thoughts. There is more to design than balancing concept with execution. Maggie Macnab reviews a blockbuster book by Robert L. Peters that examins the very intent of design with regards to Worldwide Identity

7 Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3

George Engel is the Naked Serviceman George M Engel takes a look at Scott Kelby's 7-point system for working with digital photos. He says: "I would classify it in the Intermediate to Professional user level... a typical Scott Kelby Photoshop book: Great graphics; Extremely well put together; Comprehensive and well thought out. 7 Point System for Adobe Photoshop CS3

Tracy Martin : Photo Folio

Tracy Martin It's always a pleasure to visit DTG readers and their portfolios -- and sometimes, maybe one out of every so many hundreds of entries, along comes one with true vision. When we looked at Tracy's images were then frozen to the moment. Photo Folio: Tracy Martin

Designers discover fractallicious fractals!


In the DTG Graphics department, creative digital artist Pam Blackstone specializes in fractal art and begins a series of articles to introduce you to the design possibilities found in the wonderful, colorful, amazing world of fractals. So get ready for some eye-popping good fun with fractals that are Fractallicious!

Photo Folio: Jerry Jividen photos saving wildlife

What's in your folio? Jerry's folio submission arrived and we immediately took a little trip over to his photo site where we found a huge diversity of great shots... but the story in this post is saving wildlife through photography! Jerry Jividen: photos save wildlife

Illustrator CS3 Live Color

Geoff Blake Design guru Geoff Blake joins us for a look at some awesome color power... Geoff sez:
"You're gonna love Illustrator's new Live Color command. It remaps the colors in your artwork -- reducing artwork to a specific number of colors with just a few mouse clicks, creating eye-popping color combinations"

Blow up those JPGs

one of those frequent questions we get all the time is "How can we enlarge our JPG images, or shots downloaded from the web?" Sooner or later, if you have a digital camera and a computer, you're going to want to enlarge an image. This time we're challenged with enlargements over 1000 percent... but we solved the problems with a good dose of Genuine Fractals

Picking up the Pieces of my Life

George Engel is the Naked Serviceman This month George relates a little problem he had downloading some graphics for his May newsletter -- which turned into big problems after turning off his Windows anti-virus software... Lessons learned ... again!

Pixelmator Draftsman GPU-powered image editing tool

PixelmaterPixelmator Draftsman GPU-powered image editing tool to create, edit, and enhance still images - features rulers, guides, grid, snap, color balance, auto enhance, curves, and polygonal lasso tools and much more. continue reading...

Business: The Land of Difficult People

Difficult PeopleFrom Tibet to Mexico to the Balkans, every culture has its own cherished folktales. Now, Terrence L. Gargiulo and Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D share their wisdom for dealing with typical workplace characters drawn from the world's treasury of folk stories -- in the Land of Difficult People continue reading...

Feature interview: Decoding Maggie

Maggie Macnab Since this month is "Design Graduation" month, we knew new design graduates would like to get a little insight into how one person grew to become a world-class, celebrated design force. See some spectacular graphics, get a fresh shot-in-the-arm -- ladies and gentlemen, meet Maggie Macnab...

Color Schemes with Accents

Building Color Palettes Industrial Design professor Christiane English uses GenoPal, demonstrating methodology for picking a neutral light color, creating close variations, adding accent, then adding shadow colors to your palette -- all in harmony -- Like a Cherry on Vanilla Ice

Light, Bright, Color, Right

Building Color Palettes ... how color palette can make your vision sing, using colors to evoke a feeling, mood, sense of time or place. Let's take a look at some works of this year's Designing Women, and see how they use color to bring their visions into full light! Building Color? What's in your palette?

Decoding Design

George George Engel reviews Maggie Macnab's awesome new book all about symbols in graphic design -- he includes pictures and some links you're sure to enjoy! This is recommended for everyone Decoding Design: Understanding and Using Symbols in Visual Communication

Soft Soap revisited

Self Promotion Ideas A year after our article on a certain self-promotion from the 1970s, one of the creators of that promotion, Ron Mabey of the famed Mabey Trousdell studios -- writes to shed some light on the original creation of that controversial promotional box called ... SOFT SOAP

Economic Apocalypse: Eight Steps Your Company Can Take to Survive It

The private business sector is in trouble, and the final showdown is coming. If you're one of the 75 percent of mid-sized companies that's not increasing in value, it's time to adapt or die. Private business guru Rob Slee explains what you need to do right now to stay alive. Become a Midas Manager

Direct Marketing Primer

 Lynne Saarte and Janice Jenkins present a four-page primer on direct response marketing. First, Janice addresses "generation y" marketing. Topics covered are using your database, marketing with postcards, and measuring your direct response marketing campaign.

Designing in Ceramic Tiles

At a time when creative services may be sliding with the economy, some niche markets continue to flourish. Follow along as Fred takes a look at the use of ceramics for business signage and architectural markings -- not only a lucrative side-line, but one of high-art and lasting durability... Designing in Ceramics

Viewsonic VX2235 LCD Display

George Next, George Engel shares his experiences in purchasing a new 22" display -- and points out several good criteria when shopping for displays. If Santa brought you some cash, and you've been wanting a new or second computer monitor, then read George's review of the Viewsonic VX2235 LCD Display

Digital Cameras: Good, Bad, Ugly

I've been testing digital cameras for some time -- even destroyed a few! This year the quest was for a durable camera for video that would stand up to extreme sports, while giving good image qualaity. I tested a few really good ones, and a few real dogs. Hopefully I'll help you make a smart decision on purchasing your next Digital Camera

A quick Tune up for your computer

Wesley Warren Is your PC not running like it used to? Bogged down by too many startup items, slow to load, slow to restart? Maybe it's time for your annual end of the year PC tune up! Wesley Warren of Vexcom.com shares these tune-up tricks for your Annual PC Maintenance: A quick Tune up for your computer

Creating a Photo-Painting

photo painting Who else could supply the ultimate tips for using Painter than the award-winning fine artist, designer and educator Cher Threinen-Pendarvis! In this three page excerpt from Cher's latest work, we follow the works of Master Photographer and Digital Painter Michael Campbell as he creates a masterpiece painting from a photograph...

Web Design Tutorial: How to build tabbed navigation in CSS

Rachel Andres If you've ever fumbled over setting up good, accurate CSS coding for navigation buttons, then you'll really appreciate this article by Rachel Andrew, excerpted from The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, a CSS book by Rachel from SitePoint.com... Creating tabbed navigation in CSS

Book Review: Non-Designer's Design & Type Books ~ Deluxe Edition

George Back in the Fall Fonts Festival you read George's insights into type and typography. Well now you get to discover one of George's most inspirational resources on type and design -- from one of our favorite authors of all times, Robin Williams! Non-Designer's Design & Type Books

The 10 Commandments of Guerrilla Marketing Design

Roger Parker The Dean of Desktop Publishing, Roger C. Parker returns with some do's and don'ts about Guerrilla Marketing. However, we think these ten commandments are essential for any designer in any field! It's an attitude that emphasizes the efficient and memorable delivery of information... all part of his recent book Design to Sell The 10 Commandments of Guerrilla Marketing Design

MAJOR EVENT: Icograda World Design Congress with Maggie Macnab

Maggie Macnab Special guest author and designer, Maggie Macnab reports on the meeting of the Design World minds at the 2007 Icograda World Design Congress in La Habana, Cuba. Over 600 designers, teachers and related professionals gathered from 57 countries to discuss the current state of design ... Icograda World Design Congress

Painter: Photo to Woodcut

Cher Corel PainterPainter is one of the premier natural medial programs, and ideal for converting that coveted vacation shot to a graphic work of art -- follow along as award-winning fine artist, designer and educator Cher Threinen-Pendarvis shows you how noted artist John Derry created his Pagoda Woodcut

Promotional ideas of the season

Fred Showker We're back again with more ideas on using scratch pads for your seasonal promotion -- this time I've included templates, layouts and even a starter kit. If you haven't put your promo into motion yet, perhaps you should ask What's a little padding between friends?

The Padding Magic Padding Press

Magic Padding PressWhen you read the padding press articles and instructions here, you might be asking yourself how to get a padding press. Hugh Lyman, engineer and inventor contacted me to show me his new padding press design -- and this is a knock-out -- the one you need is the Padding Magic Padding Press

Business: Rise of the Designer / Copywriter

shaun crowleyMarketing-savvy designers who complement their design service with copywriting can expect more lucrative projects and plenty of on-going work. Marketing consultant Shaun Crowley looks at a few copywriting designers who no longer tell their clients "I'm a designer not a writer" -- see Rise of the Designer / Copywriter

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