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Epson R260 Printer

George EngelA little wit and common sense as author and computer guru George Engel, asks:
      WHY WOULD A GRAPHICS-WISE GUY throw away a perfectly good Photo Printer that's getting 5740 x 1440 dpi pictures?
Well, you'll just have to read his review of the Epson R260 Printer

Major Event: Removing Backgrounds with Katrin Eismann

Katrin Eismann This is the ultimate tutorial for selecting fine images, delicate objects, wispy hair, and removing the background to replace it with a totally different image. This is the absolute best, anywhere when you have questions about Selecting hair and fine details in Photoshop

Color Palettes in Design

Art Nouveau Color Patterns and OrnamentsThe art of color is a difficult art to learn, and apply. So many people today think they can design a pleasing color palette, but really cannot. But one thing they can do -- seek out the fabulous Art Nouveau design and ornament period for an unlimited wellspring of ideas for Color Palettes in Design

Designers talk about Freelancing

freelancingSooner or later where there are graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, or other creative practitioners, question always come up: how much to charge, how to get new work, should I broker printing, where should I go for help? Designers talk about freelancing

Essential tips for Freelancers

Lori Leach-ForsterFollowing our series of tips and advice for freelancing, we discovered one listee excelling in the field of web design, with this important advice, and a delightful web site and blog to back it up. Here, Lori Leach-Forster shares her Tips For Freelancing.

Interview: Sara Horowitz, Freelancers Union

Sara HorowitzSara Horowitz founded Working Today to meet the needs of the new, independent workforce -- which became the Freelancers Union, to deliver benefits to independent workers in New York City's Silicon Alley. This interview courtesy of Sessions.edu Sara Horowitz, Freelancers Union

Using Numbers in the proper Case

David Bergsland With the new typography fonts now include several sets of numbers to be used in different areas of your documents. David Bergsland shares some expert advice on Using Numbers in the proper Case

Setting Angel Snares

Ty Freyvogel You've finally decided to take the plunge and start your own business. The only problem is your bank account. You don't have quite the amount you'll need to make a successful run as an entrepreneur. Not to worry! Entrepreneurial expert Ty Freyvogel shares what you can do with Ten Tips for Appealing to Angel Investors

Selecting a Color Palette

Leatrice Eismann It's not hard to persuade a designer that color matters. But persuading Fortune 500 companies? You might be surprised. Color consultant Leatrice Eiseman has carved out a major career in helping companies "make correct choices in colors that sell." ... Expert Advice from a Color Consultant

Business: Becoming a Publicity Designer

shaun crowleyShaun Crowley has brought a whole series best-practice tutorials for all freelance artists. This month Shaun focuses on freelance designers who specialize in marketing materials. They are in high demand, and can just about write their own ticket if they know How To Be A Publicity Designer

Gamefull Art

Sessions School of Game Art Jolene Spry interviews Dave TaylorSo, you think you'd like to get into Games development? Follow along as Sessions School of Game Art advisory board member Jolene Spry interviews Dave Taylor, independent video game producer and long-term veteran of the gaming industry in ... Gameful Art

Supplying artwork to printers

Rob Cubbon, Printing Following his last entry, "Preparing your artwork", Rob Cubbon, graphic designer and printing expert in the UK now turns his sights to the next step in making sure your print job goes as planned -- supplying artwork to printers

Going on Press, 24/7

Laura Schwamb Design Mentor Sessions interview with Laura Schwamb, by Thom McKenna talking about the critical stage of any print design job where a designer works with a printer before going to press -- The Press Check

BEST Natural Media Plug-insBEST

Akvis vs Alien Skin Hardly a week goes buy without someone writing in for a quick, easy way of converting digital photos or Photoshop images into art. Most frequently they ask about pencil or pen and ink sketches. This year's BEST IMAGE EDITING software is a draw between Akvis and Alien Skin natural media plug-ins

Business: Freelance Marketing Exercises

shaun crowleyLast month's advice from Shaun Crowley is a best-practice promotion for all freelance artists. Now Shaun zeros in on the key elements to selling your serivces with this tutorial: How To Write Marketing Copy That Sells Your Freelance Design Services

Using gradient paragraph rules

David BergslandThis time, David Bergsland, resident InDesign expert, recalls one of the unique features of InDesign -- the ability to make gradient strokes -- and then puts them to work building Gradient Paragraph Rules

Getting Paid

Dan AntonelliYou may think you're just designing a logo -- but Dan Antonelli returns to point out it's really a lot more than that. You're going to want to get paid!

12 most common eBook design mistakes

Roger Parker The Dean of Desktop Publishing, Roger C. Parker returns with this tutorial to help make your electronic publications attention-getting, attractive, and easy to read... all part of his recent book Design to Sell 14 most common eBook design mistakes

Questions for Designers

Anne-Marie Concepcion Anne-Marie "HerGeekness" Concepcion wrote about "Telling Questions" prospective design employers may ask the job applicant. Some of the questions are obvious -- others not -- so, we teamed up with Anne-Marie to find out if YOU know the answers to these Questions for Designers. Then Fred took it a step further and challenges you to pass the freshman digital graphics test.

15 things to get done before the end of the year!

Ty FreyvogelIf you're like most business owners, you've got a huge list of "to-dos" that stay perpetually on the back burner -- entrepreneurial expert Ty Freyvogel says it's time to tackle that back burner list with a vengeance, and shares these 15 things to get done before the end of the year!

Business: How to boost your freelancing job opportunities

shaun crowleyLast month's advice from Shaun Crowley is a best-practice promotion for all freelance artists. Now Shaun examines some ideas for artists who want to go a step further.PART 2: How to boost your freelancing job opportunities and increase your fee on every project

Review: Flash Slideshows with Pixtivity

Have you ever said something like this, "I love how they did that! I wish I knew how to create Flash slide shows but I just don't have the time to learn?" Follow along as Mim McConnell shows you how easy it really is to make cool Flash Slideshows with Pixtivity

Preparing Artwork for Printing

PrintingRob Cubbon, graphic designer and printing expert in the UK shares these important tips for preparing your graphic arts for printing. This is a perfect print primer for beginners to intermediates in graphics-to-print activities. Preparing Artwork for Printing

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