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Graphics: How would Andy Warhol do it

Andy Warhol StyleIn this 9-page, 50-image seminar tutorial, investigate the style of Andy Warhol and how to utilize art methodology and Adobe Photoshop CS2 to simulate Warhol's famouse portrait style for your own projects... the perfect gift is a portrait using Photoshop in the Andy Warhol style

Type: Making Art with Dingbats

David BergslandWith all the cool dingbat and picture fonts available, opportunities abound for quick and easy graphic illustrations. Design & publishing expert David Bergsland walks you through each step in making Art from Dingbats

Review: Celedy Software CeledyDraw 2

CeledyDraw2 Can professional Windows users in the design field exist without Adobe Illustrator? Maybe not... probably not. However, most other Windows users can indeed exist nicely without Adobe Illustrator -- here's a robust, alternative for just about anyone... CeledyDraw 2

Business: Promote Your Graphic Design Business

shaun crowleyNow is a good time to think about promoting your business... special guest, Shaun Crowley, marketing consultant and communications manager for a major UK publishing company launches this two-part article on promoting yourself... PART 1: How to frugally market your business

Interview: Going the Extra Mile in Design

Laura SchwambEvery wondered what it's like to hold a high-powered design position in the cosmetics and fashion industry? Enjoy this intreview by Industry expert and Sessions EDU instructor Laura Schwamb, and get a peek into the life of Lara Modjeski VP of Creative, Tom Ford Beauty

How-To: Creating textures and backgrounds

texturesIn this tips piece, the gurus at Spiral Graphics share their secrets at generating seamless textures. Even if you don't use Spiral's Genetica software, this information will prove important for anyone who makes textures... 5 Texture Tips: the key ingredients to great textures

Seymour Chwast: icon of contemporary graphic arts

Seymour Chwast We have a short visit with Seymour Chwast during his recent visit to JMU... and take a look at some of the visual design and illustration that helped shape a generation of graphic designers ... meet the Left Handed Designer... Seymour Chwast

Business: Designing For Print On A Budget

Thomas McKennaThomas McKenna instructor for Sessions.edu talks about the never-ending battle of the limited print budget. If you don't have much money to spend on printing, here are a few of the tricks and techniques you can use when Designing For Print On A Budget

Thinking In Type

Alex White...Alex White is the leading authority on graphic design using typography. Thinking in Type, The Elements of Graphic Design, and Type In Use continue to be our top recommendation for learning and applying The Practical Philosophy Of Typography

Graphic Design: LOGOs back to basics

Dan Antonelli is back with another thoughtful look at logo design. In this article, Dan asks if we are over-designing logos, and demonstrates a low-cost, two-color approach that takes Logo Design Back to the Basics

New Typography: What difference does it make?

David BergslandWith the new generation of desktop publishing software, it has become much easier to set professional quality typography. Design & publishing expert David Bergsland takes a brief look at the New Typography

Back to (Design) School

Fred Showker Do you really have to go to school to learn more about design? Yes, it's best... but the next best thing is self-learning -- and here, Fred recommends the best books for visual communicators who want to go Back to (Design) School

How about Art, and the Creative Spirit?
Then Fred takes you on a visual extravaganza to help sharpen your creative edges, and introduce you to the pleasures of discovering art. Sez: "There's really nothing like a good gallery or museum to give you a shake and a creative shot in the arm" ... Looking for Art in all the right places

InDesign: Grids into Complex Tables by merging

David Bergsland One of the common tasks desktop publishers encounter is the need to reproduce existing forms. Design & publishing expert David Bergsland shares this step-by-step tutorial for the best way to make Complex Tables in Adobe InDesign

Spiral Binding with InDesign

Anne-Marie Concepcion A Design Cafe reader was dealing with printing a pocket booklet that needed the binding moved from 'center' between pages to the top. We came up with a solution, but then got some good advice from Anne-Marie Concepcion, the Design-Geek for Spiral Binding using Adobe InDesign

Reviews: Movie Editing Made Easy...

Movie EditSo many people have written lamenting about the lack of movie-making products for Windows -- until the latest iteration of Movie Edit, from Magix, there wasn't. But now, Windows users, your time has come... get your hands on Movie Edit Pro

Feature: An effective logo is easy to grasp

Although Dan Antonelli is firmly grounded in the sign and display industry, his logos are unsurpassed, and his knowledge of pleasing clients while not compromising their identity is relentless. In this article, Dan discusses what makes a good logo, and shows some focused examples of how an effective logo is easy to grasp

Grand Brand Theft

Susan KirklandSusan Kirkland is back with another insightful essay, this time on Brand and Logo knock-offs... guess who are the biggest brand hijackers? Guess who is the biggest logo hijacker? She bars no holds in this knock-out piece we'll call: Grand Brand Theft

Feature: The Apple Core vs. Linear Logic

Maggie Macnab Special guest designer, Maggie Macnab provides a thought provoking essay on symbols and modern man. This is essential reading for anyone in the visual arts fields -- particularly if you're designing logos and symbols. Of that discipline, Maggie is the ultimate authority. The Apple Core vs. Linear Logic

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