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The Life and Deaths of the Printed Word

Paradigms LostWilliam J. Sonn traces the seismic societal shifts which followed each dramatic drop in the cost of written knowledge. What do current technological advances and "free information" via the Internet hold for the future? This is must reading for anyone involved in printing, typesetting or graphic design... Paradigms Lost

12 most common newsletter design mistakes

Roger Parker The Dean of Desktop Publishing, Roger C. Parker joins us with a tutorial to help make your newsletters attention-getting, attractive, and easy to read... all part of his new book Design to Sell
12 most common newsletter design mistakes

Post Card Marketing

MarthaMartha Retallick, "The Passionate Postcarder" -- leading expert on post card marketing has released her latest tool box with ROI calculators, and market costing tracking -- for high-powered marketing... Post Card Marketing eBook & Tools

If you build it, will they come?

Portfolio For all those creatives looking for jobs... Dan Tanenbaum reviews the importance of developing a marketing strategy and the options available to get your website and your work seen by hiring eyeballs. If you build it, will they come?

Education of A Designer

Gary Dickson Gary Dickson is back with a thoughtful look at learning to be a designer and what it means to be a designer... who I am, as much as what I do...
A Designer's Education


Letter as Image L.A. area designers, illustrators and typographers will be treated to this April gallery opening when six of the most influential graphic designers in the world blur the distinctions between illustration, lettering and graphic design... Letter As Image / Image As Letter

Best Rules For Perfect Print Jobs

The Print LizardAfter thousands and thousands of jobs for designers from every facet of the business world, you'd have it down pat, right? So, it's true with the Print Lizard's collection of Best Rules For Printing Your Piece Perfectly

Building Colors on Uncoated Stock

TINTTintbooks Introduces Tintbook Uncoated -- Remember, we told you about Tintbooks last year... well, they've now completed the first comprehensive CMYK Graphic Design Tool for printing on Uncoated Paper. See the latest TINTBOOK...

Interview: Katrin Eismann

Katrin EismannThe original Photoshop Diva is back with an all new edition of her deliriously fabulous Photoshop Retouching & Restoration book, and she stops in to chat with DTG readers about what's most important these days in the world of Photoshop and photo retouching with Katrin Eismann

InDesign CS2

GeorgeAuthor and Macintosh technical expert George M Engel -- a die-hard PageMaker user -- found Adobe's InDesign a bit of a pain to get used to... but now he's found some new features that he really likes in the new Adobe InDesign CS2

Promote yourself with a Mini Scratch Pad Press

This enterprising young entrepreneur took the antiquated "Build it yourself Padding Press" from boring to exciting with improvements and streamlining! Best of all, you don't have to build it yourself... The Mini Padding Press

Readers talk about racism in Design

An outpouring of response from DTG readers presents a wide range of Letters to the Editor regarding previous articles about Racism in Design

Form Follows Function... or not?

Gary Dickson Gary Dickson is back with another of his thought-provoking articles. This time he's searching for any truth to the new theory that this is no longer the information age and that Function is Dead... Long Live Function

Argue for a bigger budget

Author Joe Walsh provides us with another of his award-winning articles -- and while the article relates to primarily IT network managers, we thought it was an excellent idea-starter for graphic designers who find themselves needing to Argue for a bigger budget

Fred Picks the BEST from '052005 BEST

Sorry folks, it's a short list -- but it's a powerful one! First, my favorite computer, then my favorites in gizmos and software. There are many more, but I trimmed the article down to just my very favorites from 2005

Sure Signs You're Not Getting Paid

Take advantae of this excellent lesson, excerpted from Susan Kirkland's book Start and Run a Creative Services Business. All business people, especially designers should learn the signs are subtle -- don't be a party to denying your instincts learn the signs You're Not Getting Paid

Beware: Racist Images in Design

Fred responds to reader complaints about the racist images found on the self promo box "Soft Soap" from last month's issue -- and opens the scope to address more important issues... Racism in Design

Slideshows in a Picture Frame2005 BEST

image moments just plug in a memory card and you've got a really cool way to show your digital photos -- in their own wood picture frame complete with sound and video... Image Moments

Eye Candy 5 Plug-Ins Collection2005 BEST

alien_skinNew Photoshop plug-in from Alien Skin... Eye Candy 5: Nature includes 10 filters that beautifully render organic phenomena. The second of a three-part upgrade to Eye Candy 4000, Nature simulates fire, smoke, rust, and more. Nature includes four new filters, six totally revamped Eye Candy classics, and hundreds of one-click special effects presets. Eye Candy 5: Nature!

Never Run Out of Memory Card Space

Picture PorterPicture Porter Digital Photo Album does it Securely -- Keep on Snapping Photos - Save Photos on the Road into this stylishly cool portable digital photo album. Save and view digital photos and video on a hard drive wherever you go... Picture Porter Digital Photo Album

Designing the Holidays

CARDSEach year I like to share some of my favorite design projects perfect for holiday promotions or greetings... here are four easy techniques for your own self promotion... Unique Greetings with Fantastic Folds

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