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Self Promotion: Soft Soap

Self Promotion Ideas One of the all-time best self-promotions comes from the 1970s and the Mabey Trousdell studios -- reminding us of the top four prerequisites for a squeaky clean self promotion ... SOFT SOAP Let the boys do your work!

DTG News &Else

A Roadmap to Successful Online Learning

Noted educator and author Jim Norrena presents his landmark white paper about online learning -- "distance learning" or "e-learning," has captivated more than 2.6 million students among the growing number of people pursuing Successful Online Learning

Design: Creating for Today's Print Workflow

GretchenPrinting industries expert Gretchen A. Peck reports that as many as 90 percent of the digital files printers receive from customers are in some state of disrepair. Designers today must be prepared to accept new responsibilities, and think beyond design aesthetics -- Creating for Today's Print Workflow

Selling through Online Auctions

Nowshade Kabir, noted online marketing expert, shares his experience, tips and tricks for getting the most out of online auction houses like eBay, Yahoo, Amazon and others... Selling through Online Auctions

Adobe CS2: Sharing Palettes

if you're wondering "How can I use colors in a stock photo as a shared palette across Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications?" here's good news -- the Adobe Expert Support staff shows you how all the CS2 programs can Share Color Palettes

Business: How Creative Entrepreneurs Succeed

Susan Kirkland, veteran freelancer and author of Start and Run a Creative Services Business, shares some important tips on making your small business last out the hard times. How Creative Entrepreneurs Succeed

Review: MX Kollection

Joyce EvansJoyce Evans, Nancy Gill, Barbara O'Neal and Steven Redden review this killer Dreamweaver extension for HTML designers that want to take a plunge into database-driven development... it's the MX Kollection

Interview: Rhoda Grossman & Elements Fun

RhodaLadies and gentlemen, welcome Rhoda Grossman, the world's premier caricaturist as we talk about drawing, retouching, and her thoroughly enjoyable new book Fun with Photoshop Elements 3: Foto-Fakery for Everyone! Come along as we meet the First Lady of Art and Farce

Virtual Assistants

Busy graphic designers have more important things to do than the chores that can easily and inexpensively be done by someone more qualified. This white-paper from Team Double-Click helps you understand why you don't necessarily need to hire someone if you've got a Virtual Assistant

Color Wrap: Designing with purpose

colorSee how careful planning of the photo shoot can save money on great shots, and then how printing and folding a single sheet solution can save a ton of money. Trace a catalog project for a small business that delivers all the collateral materials they need on a very limited color printing budget... Color Wrap: Designing with purpose

Interview: Cher Threinen-Pendarvis

CherHelping us all celebrate Designing Women Month, artist, designer, author and educator, Cher Threinen-Pendarvis visits to chat about Photoshop, Painter and using a graphics tablet to expand our creative digital painting techniques... we think you'll enjoy getting to meet The Master Painter

Deke McClelland's Total Training

TOTAL Reviewer Joyce Evans shares a brief look inside some of the best video training on the planet... with Photoshop expert Deke McClelland and the product called Total Training

When Good Color Goes Bad

colorColor expert Mike Davis of Colorprep knows what to do when color goes wrong... and many times it's the photographer or designer's fault! So what do you do? How do you prevent having your Good Color Go Bad

DigiEffects Web Euphoria

euphoriaHere's one of the BEST for 2004 - plug-ins from DigiEffects ... that easily and effectively create the most sought-after effects in the business... Web Euphoria

Design Cafe Logo Critique

So, the Design Cafe decided to have a logo contest and let listees propose a new logo. Many submitted and these 16 finalists get the once over by other Cafe listees and some special graphic design celebrities... Cafe Logo Critique

Fantastic Folds: Part Two

Now we take a look at designers' unique expressions of creativity in folding for greeting cards. The first two show some savvy design -- and extraordinary inventiveness in "Designing Cards"

Color Photos Converted to Text

artextThe Worlds first colour digital photo to colour text convertor is truly one of the most innovative developments in a long time! You simply must see Simon Leung's Artext Photo Converter

Printing Primer for Designers

Originally published in 1989, this printing primer for digital artists has been updated and annotated for today's digital desktop publisher. We've supplied an additional check list for publishing, and a collection of references to the most important printing information available today... Print Primer for DTP

Fantastic Folds: Part One

Where do you look for creative ideas in crafting a unique, creative holiday greeting and promotional mailing? One of the elements of print media is folding. It comes along with the job, and if you incorporate a unique fold, your piece will be truly memorable. Here's the first part of our series on "Designing with Paper Folds"

Inspiration in a Bottle

Gary Dickson Discover sources of inspiration that may just take you to the next level of creativity! Designer/Author Gary Dickson asks: "Where does your inspiration come from?" ... then shares his experiences of Inspiration in a Bottle

Using Postcards to Promote Your Design Studio

MarthaMartha Retallick, "The Passionate Postcarder" -- leading expert on post card marketing shares some important advice on saving a lot of time and money in your marketing. Before you splurge on the Yellow Pages or other media, read Martha's take on Using Postcards to Promote Your Design Studio

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