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Interview: Leslie Cabarga

Leslie Cabarga Frequent questions about type, typography, fonts and lettering in email, the Design Cafe and classrooms prompted us to contact the logo, font and lettering wizard himself
... Leslie Cabarga

Editors Choice: Photoshop for Right Brainers

photoshopWant to expand beyond typical tips and techniques? Tired of those "hot" tricks without a reason or purpose? Al Ward's technical expertise gives you precision training and a creative jolt in the arm that won't quit... Photoshop for Right Brainers

Is your graphic designer costing you money?

ReichelThe pitfalls of using an inexperienced graphic designer can have financial and emotional consequences. Designers must understand what software program to use for the task at hand. Gary Reichel, experienced pre-press designer shares his experiences with Design Tools

Graphic Design Training

How do you like to learn? Books? CD-Videos? DVD? Or surfing the web? There are hundreds of ways to learn graphic design, Photoshop and other facets of the visual communications industry, and here we take a look at just a few ways to learn graphic arts

July: Patriotic Art & Design

USAThis three-page essay takes a star-spangled march through the lives of noted patriotic artists and how their styles and talents served to define a people and their country; Patriotic art is a part of everyone's history. Here we glimpse just a few of the forms of Patriotic Art, then celebrate the lives and times of James Montgomery Flagg and J.C. Leyendecker

Airman Magazine: Patriotic Design

airman Airman Magazine takes to the skies with powerful photo journalism and commanding design styling. Take a look at this excellent lesson in putting together a magazine we can truly call Patriotic Design

The Benefits Of A Buddy For The Solo Designer

design buddiesAre you a home-based studio or freelancer? The benefits are many for the solo designer, but feeling isolated can spell trouble. Designing Women Janet Bertucci and Julianne Nardone recommend you find a Design Buddy!

Beware: Online Criminals at Large

You are drawn into a web site appearing to be authentic with familiar graphics and logos... but wait! Something's wrong with this email... something's seriously wrong! Rusbiz.com's Nowshade Kabir demystifies the emerging crime wave of Phishing for Your Identity.

Design From the Edge

Gary Dickson from Epidemic Design provides some noteworthy observations regarding edge-designers, center-designers, their characteristics and their relationship to one another. He asks: "Would you rather Design from the Edge?"

Master of Color & Texture

DTG interviews Jon C. Lund creative energy behind the Spring Travelsmith catalog cover -- impressing everyone with rich colors, texture and the extraordinary style of the golden era of posters. Jon C. Lund

Big Promotion: Little Cards

Promo, promo, promo... here we share some proven promotions that bring a lot of notoriety to your business! If you want to bring them in, just try these Promotion opportunities with creative cards...

Promoting Yourself

A major step in all desktop publishing and graphic design business is self promotion. But be careful to heed: The Top Ten Reasons to Throw your press release inthe trash

Design Consciousness

Special guest writer Jennifer Proia gives us a bit of a pep talk with: Going green with your marketing materials

Marketing through the tough times

Jennifer Proia, Principal of FIRE CREATIVE, a graphic design studio based in Cambridge, MA, suggests no-nonsense, low-cost marketing ideas: Five ways to increase business without breaking the bank

Computer vs. Man

In this feature, expert Research Analyst Jaclynn Bumback points out your need for intrusion protection, and Broadband security woes

Software with Built-In Advertising

Security expert Wallace Wang provides insightful information about a growing concern for all online marketers with Secrets of Adware and Spyware

Marketing approaches upheaval?

Noted direct marketer and online marketing wizard Stacey Hall says universally accepted premise on which traditional marketing approaches are built could use some serious thought and updating -- and points out how to grow your business through Collaboration Over Competition

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