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Roger Parker has more than a million books in print today, and has infulenced literally millions of designers, desktop publishers, artists, in-house publicists, and business publishers become acquainted with the principles of design as applied by the personal desktop computer. His "Looking Good In Print" series was a ground-breaking book at the dawn of desktop publishing, and since that time he has been a mentor, hero and guiding light for anyone who takes the design and publication of visual communications into their own hands. He's helped us all build better looking, more effective pages through Make-over books, software specific publishing guides like Desktop Publishing With Word Perfect, and books like Roger C. Parker's Guide to Web Content and Design. . . . ladies and gentlemen it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to. . .

Roger Parker

DT&G   Roger, thank you so much for taking your time to visit with us today! You've been a guiding light for thousands and thousands of designers and desktop publishers for well over a decade, and you can bet our readers are really looking forward to getting a bit more acquainted with you.

Roger:   Well, Fred, it's been quite a busy year.
      After taking a few years off, I've been doing more and more speaking--much as I dislike airline travel (one of the engines on my flight to Austin caught fire taking off from Boston). I've just returned from keynote presentation to various regional conferences for the Society for Technical Communication and I'm on the faculty for Miller-Freeman's Web Conferences. I've also been attending more design conferences as an attendee rather than as presenter. It's good training and constantly I'm amazed at how much there is to learn.
      Finally, I'm in the process of creating a new web site, one that follows the precepts of my forthcoming Relationship Marketing and the Internet book. ("Practice what you preach," is my motto!)

DT&G   Roger, you mentioned "Boston". Where do you call home?

Roger:   I live in Dover, New Hampshire, an hour and a half north of Boston's Symphony Hall, if you hit the traffic right. (If you hit it wrong, it's three hours north!)

DT&G   Ahhhhh, so that's where the firewood comes in! I know winters are punishing here in Virginia -- I've stacked a few cords myself, but up there, winters can be downright nasty!

Okay, lets focus on some of the popular questions and concerns we get from readers of DT&G

Roger answers some popular design questions. . .


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