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How much for so many dots?

DT&G   The next question my students, and many readers usually ask is how much might one expect to be charged for such a piece of work?

Paul:   Pricing is always based on a number of variables; usage, involvement, deadline, etc. Assignments like these two can be anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, and up, if you're lucky.

DT&G   What's the most difficult aspect of this level of business, working with these kinds of clients?

Paul:   I have to say that working with TravelSmith is a real pleasure. Tom has a clear idea of each cover concept, but allows for my ideas and thoughts about how to approach the problem, He doesn't send tight pencils that he expects me to follow. There's enough freedom for the piece to evolve and change as we go through the process.
      Most difficult? At times, I receive a layout that has been approved by the client, or some focus group, and it is a half-hearted attempt to mimic something I did previously. There's not much for me to do on a project like that.

DT&G   Paul, looking at your web site, there are so many fantastic pieces there -- can you single out one or two you consider your all-time favorites?

Paul:   The poster for the 2002 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival was a wonderful experience. JazzFest has a rich tradition of over 25 years of very high quality silk screen prints that are sought after by collectors. 10,000 posters sold out by the first weekend of the festival.
      Wynton Marsalis and I are finishing up a book for Candlewick Press entitled Jazz ABC. It's a children's book of 26 jazz legends, Wynton is writing the text, and I've created portraits of each artist. A is for Armstrong, B is for Basie, C is for Coltrane... It will be published in the Fall of 2004.

DT&G   Which one would you say were the most difficult, or most troublesome ones?

Paul:   The poster for Super Bowl XXXVI played in New Orleans was finished and printed when the events of 9/11 resulted the decision to replace it with a patriotic theme. So my poster became a collector's item. Fortunately for me, Brad Jansen, the Art Director at the NFL called me to do the poster for Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego.

DT&G   Paul, I see we're just about out of time -- in closing is there a tip, trick or word of advice you'd like to pass along to all of us other illustrator users out there?

Paul:   Advice?
      Well, I would probably want to pass along some inspiration about working with digital files.
      When you're just starting out with Illustrator, it's very difficult to "warm up" a digital file so that the presence of the artist's hand is evident to the reader/viewer. Some of that has to do with various shortcuts or tricks, or filters -- acting as crutches -- preventing you from really digging into the medium as a true art medium.
      I try to not do anything on a computer that I couldn't do with paint, if time and energy allowed. There are tremendous advantages to working with a computer, but they should never overshadow the reason we became artists, illustrators and designers in the first place.

DT&G   Paul, it's been wonderful! You can bet our readers have enjoyed it as much as I have -- you are a true inspiration to illustrators everywhere.
      Thanks so much for sharing today -- and keep up the great work!

Paul:   Really good to be here, Fred. I'm looking forward to seeing the interview in print. May I link to it when you're done?
      Also, Fred, for a lot of really great inspiration, be sure to have your readers take a look at my agent's site as well! www.theartworksinc.com

DT&G   You betcha, Paul... and Thanks again!

Paul Rogers Studio

There you have it folks -- one of those rare illustrators who has made it to the top!
      Paul is from Pasadena, California and has over 23 years of experience in the field of illustration. He graduated from Art Center College of Design in 1980, and began freelancing right out of school. He was an advertising major, but with encouragement from some of his instructors, he switched to Illustration -- and the rest is, as they say, history.
      One visit to his web site and you'll see his superb talents have been honed to a high art. like this 85-foot by 6-foot sign at Hollywood and Highland, the new entertainment/retail complex in Los Angeles -- or, this superb cover Illustration for Delta Shuttle Sheet Magazine article on places to Ice Skate in New York City.
      Find them all at:


Special thanks to Tom Fong, Director of Creative Services for the TravelSmith company in Novato, CA. If you'd like to get their catalogs, and see more great covers from Paul -- in print -- give them a call at 800-950-1600, or click on over to http://www.Travelsmith.com/


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