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Robin Williams Talking About Web Design

Robin Williams Talking About Web Design
Robin Williams
Web Design Workshop

As soon as I got my hands on Robin Williams' new "Web Design Workshop" book, I knew it was high time to invite Robin back for another visit in the pages of the Design Center's WebDesign & Review department.  I was very lucky to catch her between books, speaking engagements and her busy schedule, and we carved out enough time for the following chat. 
___ Rather than the usual interview, or promo for the book, we chatted about some important issues that have been brought up in the CAFE and WebDesign discussion lists.


A substantial percentage of the sites that are submitted to us for review (by site owners and designers alike) reveal a serious lack of the stuff that makes great web design great. While the sites may be well designed, and well implemented, too often they miss the target because something in the pre-design process was forgotten or neglected. And, as Robin so eloquently states:

   The phrase 'web design' is a short way of saying "design, programming, technology awareness, and information architecture, not to mention expertise in web software applications and human relations"

The part about "human relations" rings with profound truth because as the internet evolves, so do our client's expectations as to what a web designer is supposed to do. It all has to do with the client/designer/reader relationship that is so important in launching a successful web site. Which brings us to our chat with Robin Williams...

NOTE: Web sites that Robin references in this interview are linked at the end of the article.

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