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Finding the Right Solutions

Dan Tanenbaum

When looking for directories and portfolio solutions, keep in mind that different websites attract different groups of buyers.

partnersAt Portfolio.com, we always encourage our clients to have a presence on more that one website, and many of our clients do. We believe so strongly in this that we recently launched a partner network program which automatically puts our paying clients' portfolios, no matter what service level, on a number of highly targeted and well-trafficked creative industry websites at no additional cost.

So now that you have committed to one of these marketing channels and you have launched your promotion, what should you expect?

In terms of responses to your marketing efforts, the focus should be on quality traffic being funneled to your website, not quantity. You don't need to rock your server with traffic to succeed through one of these channels. Fewer but more serious leads is all it takes. One customer can pay handsomely and more often than not cover the cost of your portfolio or other marketing effort for the year, and one repeat customer even better!

Remember, all of these marketing channels are capable of driving leads, only you are capable of converting a lead into a customer.
* Be professional and respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. The contact may not decide to go with you now, but they may keep you in mind for future projects or refer you to others.
* Don't be discouraged, in the end the person with the marketing plan will have a steady flow of leads coming in and is less likely to get caught down the road with no clients or revenue coming in the door.

Multi-Site Solutions

Not everyone can afford several online portfolios, which, depending on the website, can cost $750+ each for a year! Portfolio.com reduces the burden of having to buy and manage multiple portfolios by providing multi-site exposure with only one portfolio to manage. Current Network Partners include Creativepro.com, Adrants.com and CreateMagazine.com. The combined reach of the Partner Network is impressive, reaching creative buyers through leading websites, newsletters and publications that are viewed by nearly 400,000 users and generate over 4 million page views monthly.

portfoliosWe developed three distinct packages that appeal to various marketing needs and budgets, ranging from $9.95 per month to $49 per month. As with most memberships, you can save some money by purchasing an annual membership, but the monthly membership option is also quite cost effective.

The major difference between packages is the number of samples you can upload as well as the level of exposure you would receive in terms of search rank priority. The top level package, Titanium, provides the greatest exposure and is a more robust portfolio solution with multiple web pages and layout options. It also provides marketing tools such as ePromo, which allows you to email samples of your portfolio or the entire portfolio in a printer-friendly embedded html format.

While many of our customers already have their own websites and use their portfolios to steer traffic their way, many of our customers use their portfolios as their primary websites. All packages are also available through our Network Partner websites and from time-to-time our Network Partners sweeten the offer with promotions of their own. For instance, Creative Pro offers a free one-year subscription to InDesign Magazine with an annual or 6 month portfolio package.

Visit Portfolios.com for more information on showcasing your work or the Partner Network.


PortfoliosDan Tanenbaum

Dan Tanenbaum spent many years working as a Sr. Art Director and identified the need for a better way for creative talent to get their name out there and their portfolios seen at the time of need. Dan was appointed as the President of Portfolios.com in 2003 and runs the day-to-day operations for the company.


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